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Match 3 games are based on the tile-matching puzzle game, and they usually involve making matches of three or more same-colored tiles. The goal is to clear as many tiles from the board as possible while blocking the opponent’s attempts. In this article, Frongames will show you how you can best play these games to improve your score and have a good time!

About Match 3 Games

A match-3 game (also referred to as “match 3,” or simply “3 matching”) is a type of puzzle video game where the player manipulates tiles that are arranged in a grid.

When three or more like-colored or numbered tiles are aligned in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal directions, they automatically disappear from the screen. This allows the player to make matches of four or more tiles for additional points.

The first game of this style was an arcade game called Diamond Mine, released by Bally/Midway in 1982. It was followed by many games with similar mechanics that became available on personal computers during the 1980s and 1990s, such as Bejeweled, Tetris The Grand Master 2: The Dark Interval, and Chuzzle.

As the gameplay involves manipulating tiles to achieve a higher score, they are considered match-3 games. However, other types of tile-matching tasks in video games are not categorized as “match 3” games (for example, Pokemon Shuffle). Match 3 gameplay is also used in some puzzle video game board games such as Qwirkle.

How to Play Match 3 Games

Free Match 3 games are straightforward to play but hard to master. The aim is straightforward: clear all tiles from the game board and get as high a score as possible.

On mobile or tablet, you’ll usually swipe in one direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to make matches of three or more tiles.

If you match exactly four tiles, the next set of tiles will be revealed – this is called a cascade and can help you clear lots of tiles at once. Clearing four or more shapes with one move is known as a bomb or chain reaction.

Some games have chameleon tiles that change color when matched, while others have ‘shuffle’ tiles that will change your next move.

If you get stuck, you may be able to swap a tile in the game board for another tile at random using a shuffle button or option (this is known as reloading). You can also get additional moves by earning an extra turn item or purchasing one using (virtual) coins.

Likewise, you can earn more lives or lives by collecting bonus points and completing in-game objectives; losing these will usually end the game. Most match-3 games also have a scoring system that rewards you for making long chains of matches, as well as bonuses if you manage to clear a whole colored tile column or row.

What is the Objective of the Match 3 game?

The player’s Objective varies from game to game but usually involves clearing all of the tiles on the screen to progress to the next level or zone. Some games instead require you to score a certain number of points for this to happen.

Some games have a limited number of moves you can make before the game is over, while others limit the time you can play.

Many match-3 games also include bonus levels where additional points or unique tiles are awarded if the player manages to trigger some action. This is usually activated by clearing certain special tiles.

One of the more unusual variants on the genre is Zylom’s Magic Match series, where you have to cast one of four elemental spells that will clear a row or column when triggered.

Benefits when playing the Match 3 game

  • It helps you in developing your spatial skills
  • It can increase your focus and concentration
  • It improves the decision-making abilities
  • Helps to sharpen your memory

Top Tips When Playing Online Match 3 game

  • Always remember to keep an eye on the timer and count your moves
  • Pay attention to unique tiles as they can make a huge difference in your score
  • If you’re stuck with no matches available, reload a new board by making another match elsewhere on the board
  • You can play any tile next to a bomb, but you cannot do so if a tile matches its color on the other side; thus, bomb tiles can be handy in clearing a lot of tiles.
  • Most match-3 games give you lives or try to play; this counter decreases when you make a mistake, and it refills when you’re lucky enough to collect bonus points. The game usually ends when you have no more lives or haven’t made any moves in an extended period.

What are the Most Popular Match 3 Games?

  • Bubble Shooter Classic free online match 3 games no download
  • 1001 Arabian Nights
  • Candy Riddles: Free Match 3 Puzzle
  • Block Champ
  • Treasures of the Mystic Sea
  • Skydome free online match 3 games
  • Jewel Shuffle
  • Heroes of Match 3
  • Sugar Heroes match 3 games for pc
  • Match Arena Multiplayer

What are the Best Match 3 Games on Mobile?

  • Candy Riddles totally free match 3 games
  • Block Champ
  • Bubble Shooter Classic
  • Sugar Heroes
  • Jewel Shuffle

What are the Newest Match 3 Games Online?

  • Sweet Candy Halloween
  • Microsoft Jewel match 3 games
  • Papa Cherry Saga new match 3 games free
  • Heroes of Match 3
  • Shaun the Sheep: Flock Together


Overall, match-3 games can be an excellent way to kill some time and enjoy yourself without having to overthink. Some players say that they help them relax after a long day of studying or work.

They are often recommended as time-killers for children and teenagers who don’t have many other things to do when mum’s not around. And what’s more, you can find plenty of them online at Frongames.