Free Online Zoo Mania - How To Play Zoo Mania Like Pro

Zoo Mania

Free Online Zoo Mania - How To Play Zoo Mania Like Pro Click to play
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The Zoo Mania Game is an arcade game that was released in 1991 by Sega. The player has to help the zookeeper feed all of the animals and collect puzzle pieces for his daughter before she gets home from school.

The player can also unlock new puzzles and mini-games to play as they progress through the game, including a quiz show where players answer questions about various zoo animals.

This post aims to provide information about how you can download and play this retro arcade classic on your PC or Mac free of charge! You will need a Bluetooth controller (or keyboard) to beat some levels, though!

About Zoo Mania Game

Zoo Mania is a game where players can create their zoo, including animals and plants. There are over 150 animals and 30 buildings available for the player to pick from.

The goal of the game is usually to collect all of the different species to complete that level and get three stars on each level.

Zoo Mania is usually only played with mouse control, but it can also be played in full-screen mode on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

The entire game is also free to play, with no in-app purchases and generally very few advertisements.


Over 150 different types of animals and plants can be added to the zoo, including kangaroos, giraffes, elephants, and koalas.

Twenty different building options can be bought with a variety of different currencies within the game. Some buildings include greenhouses, research labs, and food stands for the zoo.

Directions are given along the way to help players know when to add new animals or plants, feed them, clean up their pens or give them toys.

The game will also notify the player if a specific animal is unhappy and needs something in its pen to cheer it up. There is even an option for the player to take pictures of the animals and their pens and post them to Facebook.


The game is mouse-controlled and can be played in full-screen mode, as stated above. There are also a variety of different control schemes that can be accessed via the main menu.


Spry Fox LLC created the game. The company has been making many more miniature games to build up its portfolio for more significant projects.

They had created seven different games since 2010 when the company was founded, including Road Not Taken, Triple Town, and Realm of the Mad God.

Fun Fact: Spry Fox LLC created a game called Steambirds, played by over 2 million people on Facebook alone before shutting down in 2013 due to issues with one of the company’s other games.

How To Play

The game itself is pretty simple to play, with a minimal learning curve for new users. The hardest part of the game is simply knowing where to go next and which animals need help or which ones have given birth recently. There are also particular tasks that the player can complete if they want to get extra money or coins.

Infinite modes are also available for players who have finished the primary levels of Zoo Mania, including a challenge mode where the player has to breed as many animals as possible in only 5 minutes and an endless mode with no time limit. Still, it is harder to gain access to new species of animals.

Levels Of Difficulty

Zoo Mania has three difficulty levels, with the most accessible level being titled “Easy” and the most complex level being “Hard.” The more complex difficulties require more planning to complete, as most animals will only give birth once or twice a day.


It’s never been easier to play a game with friends, whether you’re across the room or on another continent.

Zoo Mania is an excellent example of a fun and constantly evolving iOS app that has become one of my favorites for quick in-between activities, multiplayer games, and keeping up with what my family is doing when I am away from them.

The only downside? You can’t play this game without connecting via Facebook—but don’t worry about your privacy! This social media giant takes care of all security concerns, so you have nothing to worry about while playing online. If you’re looking for some new mobile fun, give zoo mania a try here today!