Free Online Word Drop - How To Play Word Drop Like Pro

Word Drop

Free Online Word Drop - How To Play Word Drop Like Pro Click to play
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Word Drop is a game you can play with friends or family for fun, exercise your brain, and learn new words. It’s like playing the popular word games on Facebook but in real life!

Word Drop has been played by over 2 million people around the world since 2009. The game consists of two grids of letters that players take turns drawing from to make words as fast as possible.

This is one of those games where it’s easy to get competitive and try to beat everyone else – but don’t worry if you find yourself struggling because we have options for all skill levels!

About Word Drop Game

Word Drop is a word-based puzzle game. As you start, the board will be empty, and you have to find all possible words by dropping the correct letters into the cells.

You can drop more than one letter in each cell, but they cannot belong to different words – so if there are multiple valid solutions, then it’s up to your logic to figure out which is the right one.

If you run out of time or letters, you can use some bonuses to help you progress. They are earned by making words in specific ways – for example, by making a word that begins with A using a double letter, such as ASK or EEL – and there are other such combinations.

When you complete a level, the next one is unlocked automatically. If you get stuck and want to skip to the next level, there are always hints available – they cost coins, which you earn by playing.

Some of the levels have optional Stars that can be won if all words are found within a specific time limit. There’s no point in going for the stars unless you’re having a tough time beating the level without them, though. These Stars are often needed to unlock new sets of levels.


Use your mouse to play. Right, Click: Drop a letter and highlight a cell left of the pointer (or right-click on an already highlighted cell).

To finish a word and clear its cells, drop letters onto it until all of its letters have been used (even if words were formed in neighboring cells with empty spaces between them, the word would be cleared when all letters have been dropped onto it).


Alvaro Leiva develops the word Drop.

How To Play Word Drop Like Pro

The biggest thing you can do to advance in this game is learning words. When you learn a word, it will forever be available in your Word Bank for use during the game, and you don’t need to look it up again or memorize it (unless someone else defines it differently).

Developing strategies around known words will significantly help you in advance. A good example is the letter Q, as it can only be used to follow You and I, both of which are usually near each other.

More strategic players will recognize that X is a helpful word to know early on for filling gaps between words with no waiting time required. If you learn this fact, then your gameplay will significantly enhance.

You’ll find that the “Word Bank” is large enough to hold all of the words you will need to learn and use, and so there’s no pressing need to try to memorize them.

Just enjoying playing the game with whatever strategy you like best is usually a good idea if you don’t have access to word lists or want to try to figure it out for yourself.

The game boards are all randomly generated; however, the first board when you start the game and every fifth board afterward is a Bonus level where many words exist for you to use. These levels only require that you solve real puzzles, as opposed to creating your own!

Levels Of Difficulty

There are four levels of difficulty to choose from. Starting at the most accessible level (Novice) and going up to Expert, the game gets more challenging with each level achieved as there will be fewer cells to play on and more letters used on each board.

The highest expertise title is Master; however, additional difficulty levels will be added with future updates.


Why can’t I win a level?

The most common answer is that you need to learn (memorize) certain words from the Word Bank. Also, read/learn about the bonuses on each board and then try to play around them for best results. Some players may find it helpful to use free programs like AutoHotKey to look up the definitions of words while playing.

Are the game’s boards randomized?

Yes, new games are randomly generated with a different arrangement every time. However, all full-screen games will use the same account when played in a browser window (since this is easier to implement). The layer # does not change, and neither do any of the bonus levels.

Can I play the game without having to pay for anything?

Yes, although you sometimes need to wait for a while on each board before new words are generated. If you don’t want to wait, then coins can be used in place of patience; however, it’s best not to use coins unless necessary since they can be used to buy things in the store.

Can I use the game offline/without internet access?

Not at this time, since the business model sells coins for real money (via credit card). However, many players don’t mind buying $5 or $10 worth of cash for their favorite games anyways, so it shouldn’t be a significant loss for people who want to play offline.

How can I evaluate how many coins are worth spending on this game or others like it?

Pay attention to the game’s word density (average number of words per board) and the length of time each board takes to complete. Word Drop’s average word density is roughly 3-4 words per board, and it takes 5-7 seconds aboard.

Free apps like Word Counter can help you with this task since they track these values for you automatically while you’re playing.

A game’s price is usually related to its word density if the developer wants it to be compared to other games; therefore, $1 is a good indicator of what to expect.

A poor word density typically means that the game is not worth buying unless it’s on sale for less than $0.50 (you’ll be better off making your own).

Can I make an app out of this game?

Sure, but don’t forget that you’ll need to give credit to me and get your users to agree not to use the app for commercial purposes. Then it’s up to you if you want to make money off of it or give your product away for free and have fun with the users who decide to play your game.

How can I contact the developer?

The easiest way is through e-mail (, although it may take a few days to reply if I don’t have access to my e-mail account or am away from my computer at the time.


After reading this post, you should download word drop. If you’re looking for a fun and addicting game to play with friends or while waiting in line at the grocery store, look no further!

Word Drop is an instant classic – it has more levels than Scrabble and Words With Friends combined, so there are always new challenges ahead.

You can also play against your Facebook friends if they have downloaded the app too, which makes it even more exciting when someone beats your score on their turn because now we’re competing online as well as offline!