Free Online Wizard Wars Game - How To Play Wizard Wars Game Like Pro

Wizard Wars Game

Free Online Wizard Wars Game - How To Play Wizard Wars Game Like Pro Click to play
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In the game Wizard Wars, you can become a wizard and duel with other wizards. The objective is to try to kill your opponent by throwing spells at them. You get points for each period that hit your opponents and lose points when they hit you.

Five types of attacks are available: fireball, lightning bolt, ice blast, meteor shower, and shield. Each time you cast one of these spells on an enemy wizard, it increases power up to four levels (depending on how long you hold down the button). If both players die at the same time, then the player who has more points wins!

Wizard Wars Game Overview

In Wizard Wars, players have to throw spells at each other until one dies. When a player throws a while, they are given an aiming line that will show them where the magic is going.

The closer you get to your opponent’s wizard, the more points you get. There is also a penalty for hitting an object or missing completely (each of these would lower your score).

At the beginning of the game, a player will start with three spells and gain points for hitting their opponent. As more hits are achieved on an opponent, an extra bit is added to their arsenal.

Each time a new spell is acquired, there is no cooldown period before it can be used again (at least in the original gameplay mode). The game ends when both wizards die at the same time.

Free Online Wizard Wars Game – How To Play Wizard Wars Game Like Pro

1. Select a character to play with (there are characters such as wizards, vampires, werewolves, and goblins).

2. The game will start with a place called a training arena. This is where you can practice the controls and see how to use the spells in the game. After that, you will enter into an actual battle against AI-controlled opponents.

3. Then, you select the spell that you would like to use against your enemy and then launch it at them by clicking on the spell power-up. If the opponent survives, they will get a chance to cast spells back at you. You must choose carefully when to dodge shots or when to stay and fight for points.

4. When an opponent casts a spell, try to get as close to them as possible when dodging. If you manage to touch your enemy while avoiding the attacks, you will be given extra points. You also get bonus points when your spell finishes off an opponent’s life bar (or depletes it completely).

5. Make sure to have a good and fast connection to the internet before you start playing.

6. The game is still in development, and many areas can be improved, but one leading site needs improvement: controls. If the player has trouble managing speed (as it will eventually slow down), they might injure themselves or get killed by their opponent’s spell.

Beginner Tips

1. Take your time and practice firing the first spell and then dodging it. This way, you will learn how the game works (by playing in training arena mode). After that, you can venture into an actual battle against AI-controlled opponents.

2. When your enemy throws a spell at you, avoid it by moving. However, you should not stay in one spot for so long because it will get you to hit. Instead, move between areas a lot to make it more challenging to dodge your enemy’s spells.

3. The game relies on speed, so if your internet connection is not fast, try connecting to another wireless network or link to a wired connection.

4. The first spell you cast will be slow (and only the elemental fire damage), but it will increase in power and speed as you hit your enemy with more attacks. This means that if you keep hitting your opponent, they will eventually die very quickly (as their pace is slower than yours). So make sure to keep hitting your opponent as much as possible.


  • Wizard Wars Game
  • Ten power-ups are ready for castling, ten spells to use.
  • You’ve got three magical powers of enchantment: fireball, freezing, and lightning bolt. Use them wisely!
  • The game is free now, and it has a fast pace that makes it hard to resist playing. You may start by fighting against AI-controlled wizards and step further into online multiplayer games. Several mini-games give you bonus points when you win.
  • The game still doesn’t have the best control, but it is worth trying due to its pace that makes it hard to stop playing even for a moment.


Wizard Wars Game, with its fast pace and good music, the game is worth trying. It’s still in development, but it will be a hit when all features are implemented.

The only thing that drives you crazy about this game is the controls during multiplayer games (especially if you’re using a touch screen).