Free Online Winter Dream - How To Play Winter Dream Like Pro

Winter Dream

Free Online Winter Dream - How To Play Winter Dream Like Pro Click to play
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A new mobile game has been released for the winter season. Winter Dream Game is a relaxing puzzle game with three difficulty levels and thirty-six puzzles in total to solve. Players have five seconds to complete each puzzle, usually made up of four pieces that must be connected to fill the entire puzzle board.

This makes it easy for players who only want to play one level at a time without having to worry about completing an entire series of puzzles like other games do.

In addition, there are no ads or interruptions during gameplay, so players can focus on solving puzzles instead of being distracted by notifications from other apps or annoying advertisements popping up on the screen.

About Winter Dream Game

Winter Dream is an internet-based game where players need to throw a snowball at other participants. There are two teams, one team is represented by green color, and the other team is represented with red paint.

This game typically has five rounds, ending with 10 points per series rather than individual scores. In each round, there will be a special event which is not common in regular games.

The series of the game can last for 2 to 5 minutes before it will stop automatically. Every participant can choose to miss a turn unless they decide to throw their snowball.

No one is allowed to throw their snowball from behind, and they are only allowed to throw it when another player is on the field. When another player is in the area, that participant needs to go for a direct throw when they are about to throw their snowball.


The following are the unique features that can be found in a winter dream.

It is a free online game which means everyone who wants to play will not have to pay any money. This is one of the best things because most online games require players to pay for certain features like winning cash prizes. They usually also require the user to buy specific items that will help them in the game.

The good thing about the winter dream is that you can win a cash prize by just playing the game, which means there are no limitations in earning money.

When participants join this game, they will be given a nickname and an avatar called winter dreamer. The winter dreamer will be the virtual personality of the participant in this game. Participants are required to select a new nickname or avatar after each round on completion of that round.

Every participant will also get a scorecard where scores for each round will be recorded to make it easy for them to know their overall standing in the game.

The players will be required to throw a snowball at other participants while they are on the field to get a score for that round and also be able to advance in this game.

They can go for a direct throw when there is another participant in their path, or they can avoid throwing it altogether if they choose to do so.

There are two main groups of people in winter dreams; the snow harvesters and the snowballers. The team of snowballers consists of people interested in throwing a snowball at other participants while on the field, also known as a direct throw, where they are authorized to do so.

On the other hand, the snow harvesters will collect their snowballs from the previous round while on the field without throwing any snowballs.


This game is only available online, so it does not have a specific control system to follow. As such, everyone can play with ease when they visit the winter dream website or its official Facebook fan page. There are some unique controls or buttons that can be used when calling the Facebook page of winter dream.

In this case, the user needs to first click on the join game button, which will take them to a new window, and then they need to click on the register button to confirm their registration in this game.

How To Play Winter Dream Like Pro

Here is a step by step guide on how you can easily play winter dream games like a pro;

1. Choose your username and avatar before playing this game. You can choose any of these usernames and avatars, provided you meet the requirements for using that nickname or avatar.

2. After selecting your username and avatar, click on the login button at the top right corner to proceed with the next step. If you are a new player, then click on the register button after clicking on the login button to start the registration process.

3. After finishing the registration process, you will be taken to a new screen with snowballs and other players on it, with a game in progress in the middle of this page. On this new page, choose one of the two avatars you have selected earlier to begin playing this game.

4. When you are ready to begin playing this game, click on one of the avatars in the game to select that particular avatar for use in this round.

This will also put you inside the game, where you have a chance to throw snowballs at other participants with your chosen avatar without getting hit by any snowball thrown at you.

5. While you are in the game, click on the snowball button to select a certain number of snowballs for use during this round. You can throw at other participants, hit other players, or even collect from your path without using any snowball.

Just make sure to double-check which button is the snowball button before selecting how many snowballs you want and where you want to throw them.

6. When your turn comes, click on the throw button to launch snowballs from your chosen avatar to the other participants in the game with you.

Just make sure that you have clicked on this button; otherwise, you will find yourself with an option of throwing a snowball, but none appears on the screen.

7. After you get your round over, check your score for this game and see if it is good enough to progress to the next level, which means that you will have an option of proceeding to the higher level after getting a high point in a particular round. If not, start the process again to hit more participants with your snowball in the next game.

8. Remember that you can get a different score for each round depending on where you hit participants with your snowballs and how many snowballs you have collected from your path without throwing at other players or hitting them.

Levels Of Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty in this game. The first level is beginner, which allows you to choose between two challenges which are easy and hard.

In the second level, four games can be played by players who manage to get a high score for each round in the beginner mode of this game.

While in an advanced level, five games can only be played by people who can get a high score for each round in the expert mode of this game.


How do I collect all the snowballs available on my way?

You can collect all the snowballs available on your way if you have managed to click on every snowball available on your path.

What happens if I click on the snowball button twice?

You will need to pay the penalty for clicking on the snowball button more than once because you cannot collect more than one snowball at a time.

However, make sure only to click it once, or else all the snowballs will disappear from your screen, and you will start the game with fewer snowballs.

How do I click on the snowball button when it disappears?

If you cannot find the snowball button after clicking on the throw button, check if you have moved away from your path because there is no need for you to move away from where most of the snowballs are located. They appear on the screen from there, so make sure to stay in that spot while you launch or throw your snowballs.

How can I select a difficulty level?

Selecting a difficulty level is as simple as clicking on either the hard or easy button when they appear on your screen after starting a new round in this game. If you click on the wrong button, you will be moved to another level automatically, with no option to go back.


Winter Dream is a game that can be downloaded on the App Store for free. It has more fun and constantly evolving levels, which means you will never get bored of playing it.

You can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect to release stress from everyday life! If you have any better games, please let us know in the comment below to share them with our readers. Thanks for reading about the winter dream’s value!