Free Online Vanilla Pinball - How To Play Vanilla Pinball Like Pro

Vanilla Pinball

Free Online Vanilla Pinball - How To Play Vanilla Pinball Like Pro Click to play
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In this blog post, we explore pinball and how it is a great way to enjoy yourself. We will talk about what goes into making a pinball machine, the different types of devices on the market, and some tips for playing.

We’ll also discuss why you might want to play with friends or family versus by yourself. Finally, we’ll show you where you can find vanilla pinballs for sale if that’s your thing!

Brent Walpola wrote this blog post for The Vanilla Pinball Company to provide consumers with information on purchasing our product.

About Vanilla Pinball Game

Playtech games produce Vanilla Pinball. It has 99 balls, three ball cannons, and a single plunger on the table. There are four playfields with five flippers on each of them. This classic game allows you to use all your skills and experience gained in other similar video games.

Very popular Gaminator in the gaming community, with a high number of downloads. It can be played in English and Russian languages. The game works on both desktops and mobile phones.

The first version was released in 2007, but not all fans were satisfied with it – gamers demanded more modes, graphics, special effects, and even more bonus opportunities!

Developers worked hard and updated their games quite often. And today, Vanilla Pinball is one of the most popular video games of this kind in 2018!

If you are not sure whether it’s worth playing or not – try it out. You will enjoy spending your free time with this captivating app! The guys from Playtech did a great job!


Gameplay is straightforward. You have to follow the instruction on how to control your flippers. It’ll help you learn how to get familiar with every button located at the bottom of the screen.

There are several options for various players: Classic, Special, Super Special, Panic, and Free Ball. Each of them has a detailed tutorial.

You can adjust the appearance of the table, as well. These settings are located on the top left corner – choose between one and five balls, two flippers, or three-ball cannons (depending on what you feel comfortable with).

Exclusive content

A feature allows you to turn off the flippers and watch the ball hit the bumpers. It’s a unique option that you won’t find in any other video game like this one!

How To Play

Once you start the video game, you will be prompted to choose a table – Classic or Special. Then, a screen requires you to set your best score and put the highest rank possible. It’s essential for this type of game! The more achievements you have and the better score you get – the more free upgrades you get.

It’s crucial to hit the ball with the flippers – they can make a difference during your game! Note that each table has its specific features and modes that are very important to know before starting. It would help if you always took advantage of them all.

Level of difficulty

The Vanilla Pinball requires some skills from players, but it is not that difficult to get used to. Anyone can play this game – be patient and learn all the secret mechanics of the app! The more you practice and spend time with it – the better results will be!


The game is constantly evolving, so you never get bored. Many different features make the gameplay more exciting and interactive for players of all skill levels.

You can play against friends on the same device or over Facebook connect online. If you’re looking for a fun new way to kill time that’s easy on your phone battery and won’t frustrate you with too much difficulty, then vanilla pinball is perfect! Download it now from Google Play here.