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Valiant Knight

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Players are the Valiant Knight of this game. They must rescue Princess Zara from the clutches of the dragon and save her kingdom from his tyranny.

This is a challenging task, as they will have to overcome many obstacles on their journey through dangerous lands like dark forests and deep caverns filled with monsters.

As players progress in the game, they will find new weapons, armor, and items that will help them defeat enemies stronger than themselves.

They may also encounter other characters who might give them clues about where to go next or what dangers await ahead. There are even some secrets hidden within this world for those adventurous enough to look for them! Players can enjoy exploring all these places as they play the valiant knight Game!

About Valiant Knight Game

Valiant Knight is a medieval online game involving strategy, management, and military tactics. You become the king of your castle with a trainable army to fight against other kings.

Valiant Knight has RPG (role-playing games) elements in it. In this game, you need to build up your kingdom from nothing to be the best and rule all over your lands.

You can expand your kingdom by recruiting knights to defend your castle and sending them on missions, or you can go into battle yourself with a band of loyal knights who will follow you to the death.


Valiant Knight is based on the medieval ages. The graphics are similar to old school, and the gameplay is quite simple for a free online game.

The main objective of Valiant Knight is to manage your resources, build buildings to train troops and defend your kingdom, send your army into battles, or lead them yourself.

Another great feature in this game has your own family, building a relationship with someone, and creating your dynasty.

So just like in real life, you can marry a woman, make her pregnant then go through the role of being a father. The possibilities are endless in Valiant Knight.


There aren’t many controls to get used to as there isn’t much variation in the game. There are only three keyboard keys required:

Left-click to select, right-click for menu and enter to send a mail. That’s it!


Valiant Knight was developed by Q Entertainment, a Japanese company that made popular games like Lumines and games featuring the legendary Dragon Ball Z, such as Tenkaichi 2.

How To Play

Valiant Knight is played in rounds where each round lasts around seven days or so. Each game allows you to do more things, depending on how much time you have.

When a match starts, your army is as good as nothing. It would help if you built up your economy and military-wise by recruiting new soldiers from barracks or buildings available in the game, such as stables and training areas.

As soon as you start gaining resources, you can click on the workshop and build up your castle. When the court is built enough, you can begin sending knights on missions to level them up, gain new troops or get money.

Your next big step in the game is getting married, which will allow you to have a child who may grow up into a great hero in Valiant Knight. Your child may also inherit your knight.

Levels Of Difficulty

You are ranked on a scale of 0-100 in Valiant Knight, depending on how well you do in the game. You can get anything from a rank of 60 to 100, but it is hard to achieve higher than rank 90.

If you have problems, don’t worry and try again and again until you reach your goal.

Knowledge is the key to success in this game, so remember to read as much as you can about Valiant Knight. It will help you gain levels much faster and make the game more enjoyable.


How do I get money?

Money can be obtained by training at the Training Ground or from doing quests. You can also kill monsters around the map or go for a Walk in the Woods search, which gives you money should you succeed.

How do I move?

You can move by left-clicking on objects like buildings, soldiers, and knights. To send them on missions, right-click on them. When mailing your soldiers to fight monsters, right-click again and choose Attack.

How do I win the game?

Winning Valiant Knight is much like real life. To succeed, you must have a good economy, buildings to train soldiers in, and your knights must also be strong enough to fend off monsters that attack your castle. Good strategies are necessary for this game, so if you’re planning on being the best, you have to learn by experience.


The brave knight game is a fun, fast-paced action RPG with tons of content to keep you entertained for hours. It has more than 100 levels and four different worlds that constantly evolve as the player progresses through them.

You will also be able to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, which means it’s perfect for any situation where you have some downtime but want something entertaining and challenging at your fingertips.

If you enjoy games like Clash Royale or Pokemon Go, then this is worth checking out! Download valiant knight here today!