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Are you looking for a new game to play? We have the perfect one for you! Check out this blog post to learn more about our up game.

The game’s goal is to get your marble as high as possible by using ramps and other objects at each level.

You can also use trampolines, slingshots, or rockets to help your ball get higher and progress through levels. With over 100 classes available, there are hours of entertainment waiting for you!

About Up Game

Famous Youtuber Thatsojack popularizes up Game. The game is also known as Ulu or Jenga.

It’s one of the traditional Indonesian games that you can play alone or with friends, anywhere at any time, because it does not require a particular place and equipment to play. Up Game requires skills and experience, so if you think you are good in Up Game.

Up Game is played by throwing the top or (Ulu) into the air while holding it using only one hand. It would help if you threw it so that it will land on the ground in a vertical position when it lands.

Up Game has many ways you can play, either for two players or as one player. I recommend you to refer to this article if you want to play Up Game with your friends and family, although there are still some modes that can be played alone only, like Wall Mode, which is commonly played in Aceh.

Election Collection

In general, Up Game has three ways of playing it. These are elections, collection, and competitions.

Election mode is the most popular way of playing because you can play alone and with friends/family. The main objective in this mode is to handle your Ulu so that when it hits the ground vertically after throwing, it stays standing without falling.

Collection mode is the second most popular way of playing Up Game. This mode is very similar to the election, but in this case, you have a goal that must be reached before your opponent can throw his Ulu(s).

In this mode, an arbitrator will determine whether or not a player has completed the requirement to win the game.


In Up Game, many features can be adopted from the basic form. Here are some of the most basic forms:

Height Feature: in this form, you will need to determine how high your Ulu must be thrown. There are two types of height: Measuring using fingers (not included size of fingers). Another one is to determine how high the Ulu should be thrown based on the size of yourself.

Technical details

In the form of elections, there are some technical details to be considered.

Throwing Technique: in this case, it is used to determine how to hold and throw the Ulu to land as Vertical as possible. This technique is essential because if you poorly have your Ulu when throwing, surely the Ulu will fall.

Up Game Effect or The Rolling of Ulu: Some factors determine how far the game will reach, such as weather conditions/temperature.

On colder days, the better your Ulu is more compact and more stable than a hot day when it tends to be loose and turbulent.


Duels are types of modes that require two players (duo) to compete. In the form of a duel, you will need to determine how far your Ulu should be thrown. You can play this game in teams or individually.

How To Play

First of all, we need at least three people who will play as arbitrators. The arbitrators will determine the results of each Ulu.

Player 1 and 2 (each has his own Ulu) stand opposite each other with a distance of about 10-15 meters between them. The top height that should be thrown is determined by counting fingers or based on their size in mm.

Player 1 throws his Ulu and asks Player 2 to do the same. They are expected to land their respective Ulu in a vertical position without falling. If they both make it, they can keep going with the next round until one fails and becomes Player 3.

Player 2, who failed, will become player 3. It continues until all players have been eliminated except for one person. If the Ulu falls out of place, it will not be counted.

Note: The stage should be a flat surface and free from obstacles such as grass or sand so that if the Ulu falls, there is no obstruction to the fall itself.


If you’re looking for a new way to experience the world, up is worth downloading. You can explore and fly through all sorts of landscapes with just your finger tap or by tilting the device in different directions. Up also has more content than other games available- there are over 170 levels add on continuously as they’re released!

Plus, you can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect. After reading this post, download it up here so you can enjoy it too!