Free Online Two Blocks - How To Play Two Blocks Like Pro

Two Blocks

Free Online Two Blocks - How To Play Two Blocks Like Pro Click to play
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The game is a memory test. You have to find two blocks that match and then click on them. It’s best played with four players, so grab your friends for some fun! The first person will get 2 minutes to find the matching blocks (one player = one minute).

Once they’ve found the matching pairs, it’s time for round two! This time, you’ll play in teams of two; each team gets 1 minute. Who can find the most matches before their time runs out? The winner is whoever has collected more pairs!

About Two Blocks Game

Two Blocks is an online game where the objective is to add as many blocks as possible while not letting the tower fall.

This game was developed by Serkan Oksuz, who worked on other games such as Bridge Constructor, Tank Trouble, and Contract Killer – Zombies (which recently got top position in 18 countries). If you like physics-based puzzles, this is the game for you.

In the Two Blocks game, blocks fall from the top of the game screen at random intervals, directly proportional to your current score.

You must keep adding blocks to a structure slowly but surely until its collapse. The more number of blocks stacked and the less that can be stacked subsequently determines your ability to conquer higher levels.

Skillfully place the blocks so they are positioned directly below the stacking area – that will ensure the stability of the structure. If you succeed, a new block falls from above, and if not, all blocks crash down, returning you to the start point again!


Two Blocks is a fun physics and puzzle game with simple rules to follow.

The game has 120 levels for you to play, with more being added constantly. This will keep the game fresh, challenging, and funny for more extended periods.

It is easy to learn how to play Two Blocks but hard to master the art of stacking blocks without letting them collapse.


The game can be controlled with a touch of your finger or by your mouse. The left, right, up, and down buttons control the rotation of the block to allow you to place it in a perfect position while keeping the tower from falling.

How To Play

The goal of the Two Blocks game is to stack as many blocks as possible without letting the tower fall. You start each level with a set amount of points.

The longer you can keep stacking blocks, the more points you get, and when it falls, all your issues are taken away, and you have to start again from scratch.

However, if you manage to stack blocks without the tower falling or buy a block with coins, you can add them straight away, just above the small grey area below your last stacked row of blocks.

Levels Of Difficulty

There are 120 levels of difficulty in Two Blocks which means there are 12 stages of 10 different challenges. The first ten levels are pretty straightforward, and you can learn how to play Two Blocks.

However, if the game is too difficult for you, then skip a level or two and come back later when you have practiced more.

If you manage to pass all 120 of the levels without any mistakes, take a look at your high score list and see how you compare to other players.


How do I earn coins in the Two Blocks game?

You can earn coins by stacking blocks without letting them crash down. The more rows and columns of blocks you stack, the more points and cash are made. If you remove all the blocks from a level, 20 coins are added straight to your bankroll.

How do I unlock levels in Two Blocks?

You have to get a score of at least 4400 points to unlock ten manageable levels and 8400 points for the next stage of difficulty (the Medium level).

Next, you will have to reach an 8000 point score before playing ten more levels and then, at last, the Super level, where you must get the point score of 16000.

What is the highest score I can reach in free online Two Blocks?

The highest score you can get is around 14920 points by stacking blocks correctly. Even if there are levels that get unlocked or coins added to your bankroll beforehand, it’s doubtful that you will reach a high score unless, of course, you have practiced and can get a decent score fast.

How do you play Two Blocks on other devices?

You can play Two Blocks on your computer using chrome or firefox as the browser. You have to download flash player first before being able to start two blocks.

If you don’t have flash player downloaded on your device, you can download it from here.

Alternatively, if you cannot play Two Blocks online using a browser, there is an additional option to try the app version of the game, which requires having Java installed on your device. Check out these instructions for more details.


Frongames is a company that focuses on creating games with simple rules. Their newest release, Two Blocks, has been well-received by players for its simplicity and fun gameplay.

The game starts easy enough but becomes increasingly more challenging as you progress through the levels. You can play against friends in the same room or online over Facebook Connect to see who will reign supreme!

If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to spend some time, download these two blocks here now.