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Try To Escape

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Try to escape game is a fun way to spend your free time. Try playing this online game if you’re looking for a new and exciting challenge or want something different from the same old thing.

There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and challenging. You don’t need any prior knowledge of computer programming or experience with other games like these to enjoy it!

The goal of the game is to get out from the room by solving puzzles and figuring out how everything works in each room you enter so that you can progress through the mansion until you find your way back outside!

It’s more interactive than traditional video games because there’s no single-player mode- instead, players interact with one another as they play together on teams.

About Try To Escape Game

Try to escape is one of the most engaging games for you to have fun and pass the time. This game will let you play in 4 different rooms with more than 15 levels in each room.

The game will be more complex and more challenging as you progress through it. Try To Escape Room Game offers a lot of fun but also keeps you thoroughly engaged and focused. If you try to escape, then it’s up to you how skilled you are!

If you search on the Internet for a while, then I’m sure that at some point you have heard about this game and maybe even played it by now.

For those who don’t know what the Try To Escape Game is about, it is a game where you will be trapped in a room, and your mission is to find the key or clues that will help you get out of there.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, Try To Escape the Game won’t let it be so simple for you. The challenge lies in discovering all the tricks placed by the developer of this game to make you feel that you are stuck. When you complete a level, the game will get more complex and enjoyable for the next one.

Election Collection

This is a game that belongs to the escape games category and is available online for free. I’ve searched on the Internet to find it for you because I think you can have a pretty good time playing this game.

My friends told me they played the Try To Escape Game for more than 5 hours already. This sounds like a lot of time, but it goes fast when you play this game.

Game features

This game has plenty of good qualities that make it worth playing. Some of them are:

  • The rooms have a perfect design with a lot of details and nice colors. This makes the rooms look more appealing to players who will enjoy discovering every single feature there.
  • At each game level, you have to find a secret code and enter it into a panel to open the door. To do this, you will have to discover clues that are spread across the room. This is an engaging task since you will need to combine other objects to achieve your goal for some of these clues.
  • Every room has a different design, so you will never get bored by playing in the same room again and again. Try To Escape Rooms are always entertaining.

Technical details

This game was developed using the Unity 3D engine, and there are no issues with performance or bugs since its developers did their best to make this game highly enjoyable for you to play.


To challenge your friends and play against them while escaping, try to run two players game.

In this mode, player one is the person who’s trapping you in a room and will have to help you escape from there, while player two will be trapped by him in another room, and his mission will be to fight back against the player one and try to escape. This is an enjoyable mode to play, and the person who escapes first wins.

How To Play

If you want to start playing this game, then follow these simple steps:

  • Choose the room that you like from the list of available rooms and press on it. This will take you directly inside that room, where you can start playing.
  • The first thing you should do is to look around and discover objects there. You will need them later, so when you find some, try to right-click on them if they need that for you to pick them up. If not, then tap one time on it and move on.
  • Once your inventory is full of objects, you might need to combine them for them to unlock a secret door or something else. If this is the case, you will see an animation on the screen where they are connected when you combine some things. If this happens, then try to tap one time on those items and move somewhere else.
  • If you can still get any result after tapping one time on the object, then try another time again. This will help increase your odds of finding valuable things in that room and playing well through this game so you can escape as fast as possible.


The game itself is very entertaining and interactive. With the ability to play with friends either on the same device or online, you can enjoy endless hours of escaping games for free!

Whether you want a challenging escape room experience without having to leave your house or just looking for something fun and different, try to escape should be one of your top choices today.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now from Google Play Store or Apple App Store so that we can see how good of an escaper YOU are!