Free Online Treasure Miner Game - How To Play Treasure Miner Game Like Pro

Treasure Miner Game

Free Online Treasure Miner Game - How To Play Treasure Miner Game Like Pro Click to play
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The Treasure Miner game is a mobile app that challenges players to dig in an underground mine for gold. Players can use the touch screen on their phone or tablet to control their character and collect as many gems and diamonds as they can in 30 seconds. As you play more of the game, you will need to purchase upgrades with your earnings that help make collecting gems easier.

The goal is to buy all of those upgrades so you can have access to every level of the mine. Many people enjoy this game because it has a simple concept but still offers enough challenge for gamers who want something new out there on mobile devices. It’s also enjoyable for kids! If you’re looking for a good time-waster, then check out it at Frongames now.

Treasure Miner Game Overview

The Treasure Miner game is all about digging in an underground mine, making the most out of every 180 seconds you have, and making sure you are constantly upgrading your gear.

You start by blasting through a few layers of stone with a pickaxe to get down into the mine; then, you collect the gems you find along the way for money.

The deeper you go into the mine, the more valuable the rocks get and the more challenging it is to collect them. You can also find diamonds, which are worth even more than gold but are harder to find.

Free Online Treasure Miner Game – How To Play Treasure Miner Game Like Pro

Step 1: Connect to the game with your social account.

Step 2: Choose a name for your character.

Step 3: Start digging! Gather gems and diamonds on the way down. Watch out for rockslides and other dangers, some of which damage your pickaxe. Dig deeper into the mine by using as much of your time as possible wisely.

Step 4: Use your gems on the upgrades available in the store. You can buy more time, better tools, and a helmet to protect you from damage.

Step 5: Keep digging deeper into the mine until you find all of its secrets!

Beginner Tips

Getting the hang of Treasure Miner is pretty straightforward. However, the longer you play, the faster things will get, so here are some tips for beginners to make sure they don’t get discouraged when they find out how difficult it can be to reach more profound in the mine.

Start by playing on a smaller screen, then move up to your phone or tablet once you get better. It’s hard to know where the gems are at first, so watch out for them and try to avoid running into any walls or other dangerous obstacles like spikes.

 You can also be careful about which upgrades you get. While it may seem tempting to get the most expensive ones, remember that they are more costly for a reason, and you might not need them as much as something else that’s cheaper. Start with the helmet upgrade first, so you don’t die from falling rocks and other traps in your way.


Test your skills of speed, maneuverability, and memory in this exciting game. Enjoy the immense pleasure of digging for treasure at a very high speed while collecting as many gems and diamonds as possible within a given time frame.

The best part is that the game has four different modes- timed mode, a racing mode, which means you have to finish first;

Fortuna mode where the gem mines are filled with as many gems and diamonds as possible; adventure mode, which is a combination of timed and racing methods, though you cannot play in Fortuna mode.

There is also no data loss when changing phones or operating systems; this game runs on any device running from android 1.6 onwards.

The players can play the game in any language they want, but it is recommended to play in English while using the updated versions of this fantastic game.

Get ready for some adventurous mining! Feel the rush and excitement as you enjoy playing Treasure Miner Game. Onboard are convenient extras such as pickaxes and helmets so that your experience will be enhanced tenfold.

The game, however challenging it may seem at some initial level, is quite simple to play. The players’ goal is to go as deep into the mines as possible before their time runs out.

So they must collect gems and diamonds using a shovel or pickaxe and then move on to increase that amount. The deeper you go, the higher the number of gemstones and diamonds you will come across.


Treasure miner game is a fantastic android and iPhone game that gives you a chance to feel what it feels like to scavenge for gems. The game is mind-blowing in so many ways, from the graphics, levels, and concept.

This Android treasure mining game requires no battle or any winning streak. It has a competitive nature, but there is no competition from other players in the game.

It’s a straightforward game that can be played by anyone who has an android phone or iPhone and does not need any special skills to play this game. Once one gets the hang of it, they find themselves playing it over and over again.