Free Online Tip Tap - How To Play Tip Tap Like Pro

Tip Tap

Free Online Tip Tap - How To Play Tip Tap Like Pro Click to play
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Tip Tap is the perfect game for those looking for a new and exciting way to stay entertained. The original concept of this game was created in 1995 by two students at the University of Toronto.

Tip Tap has been updated with modern graphics and sounds as an old-fashioned arcade-style game from that era. This will allow players to enjoy these fun games without finding an arcade or spending any money on quarters!

Tip Tap is a game that will test your reflexes and coordination skills. It’s an addictive, fast-paced game that you can play with friends on the go. The goal of the game is to tap as many balls as possible before time runs out. Sounds easy? Give it a try!

About Tip Tap Game

Tip Tap is a very addictive puzzle game that helps you to develop your concentration power. Your objective in the Tip Tap game is to get the white ball into the pot using the fewest moves possible.

Use tip and tap on tiles to make this happen. However, not every tile can be used. The game ends when there are no more possible moves left for you to complete the level.

Tip Tap may seem simple enough, and it is! But as you progress through higher levels, things get tough to achieve with just a tap or a tip.

As more tiles appear on screen, your job becomes harder because now the white ball has many options of getting into the pot- but not all are good moves.

Tip Tap game is not just about completing the level within a given number of moves. It’s also about optimally arranging tiles to form an accessible route from Start to End to get more points and score higher.

The game offers many levels that will challenge your brain, memory, and planning skills. Start playing TipTap now for free online!


Move the White Ball with TIP and Tap tiles by clicking on them. The more information you have about each tile, the better your move will be!

This is also a challenge because as you progress through levels in TipTap, the screen gets crowded with tiles making it difficult to find an optimal solution for your moves.

Note: You are playing TipTap with your mouse only.


Tip Tap is developed by Gamezindia, one of the leading game development companies in India. We are also into app development and runs mobile games for iOS and Android platforms too.

How To Play Tip Tap Like Pro

We share some essential tips and tricks to score well in this addictive puzzle game to get you started with the Tip Tap game.

Tip 1: Always ensure that routes forming from start to end are as optimal as possible by connecting the same-colored tiles. This will help you achieve maximum points per level.

Tip 2: Clear a board of the fewest moves possible to get a 3-star score. Try not to leave aboard at the end with no practical activities! This will help you further when it comes to replay levels later in the Tap Tap game.

Tip 3: Remember that only same-colored tiles can be connected. Keep this in mind while moving your white ball towards the pot, and use tips wisely.

Tip 4: Keep an eye on your moves counter! You can use tip and tap tiles only if a white ball is present. Check out this Tip Tap Guide to see how you can make the most of taps and tips while playing.

Levels Of Difficulty

As you progress through levels in the TipTap game, it gets more challenging to achieve the highest score at the end of the level and unlock the next level. So how do you choose a level to play?

Easy Level: If you are a new player, start by playing the manageable levels first! These TipTap levels have only 2×2 tiles and are easiest to solve.

Intermediate Level: As your skills progress, move on to these intermediate Tip Tap levels. These Tip Tap levels consist of 2×2 tiles and are also not difficult to solve.

Hard Level: If you have mastered playing the previous two-level, it’s time to play challenging TipTap game levels! These TipTap game levels consist of 3×3 tiles, which are the most complex to solve.

When you first start playing this level, it may seem daunting. But once you master the game, these levels offer the most rewards and highest scores!


The game is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

After reading this post, here are some features of the game: you can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect. There’s always a new puzzle waiting for you because it has more than 500 puzzles that constantly evolve.

It’s also super-easy to get started; all you need is a finger! If these reasons sound like your cup of tea, go ahead and start tapping away in Tip Tap today. We hope you feel comfortable when playing games at Frongames now!