Free Online Tip Tap 2 - How To Play Tip Tap 2 Like Pro

Tip Tap 2

Free Online Tip Tap 2 - How To Play Tip Tap 2 Like Pro Click to play
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If you’re looking for a game that will keep your kids entertained, try the newly released Tip Tap 2! This game has excellent graphics and is challenging enough to keep adults engaged.

Your goal is to clear the board by tapping on groups of blocks that have matching colors. The more blocks you tap in each group, the higher your score will be.

There are over 100 levels of play with three different difficulty settings, so there’s something for everyone! Download tip tap 2 now and see how high you can get your score!

About Tip Tap 2 Game

Tip Tap 2 is a free online skill game that can be played on Facebook, iPad, and iPhone. If you are looking for an exciting game to pass your free time, then try this game now. Your objective in this fun game is to tap the screen and follow the rhythm of the music! It is straightforward to play but hard to master.

There are six types of arrows moving towards you in this game, and they will keep coming down on the screen. When all hands are in a line, tap on them to destroy them. The faster you clear them, the higher score you get.

By clearing lines quickly and getting combos, stars will be awarded, which can be used as hints. You can also use them to buy other stuff.

Tip Tap 2 is an addictive rhythm game with an excellent music background. It is straightforward to play but hard to master. If you are looking for some exciting and free online games, try Tip Tap 2 now!


In this fun game, there are two different game controls. One way is to tap on the screen to destroy arrows, and the second is to swipe right or left to switch between the hands. You can also use the mouse in this game for better results.


Tip Tap 2 was developed by Playgendary Games. Tip Tap 2 has 10,844 monthly active users, and it has been rated 6.5/10 by the players in the previous month.

You can follow this game to know about its new features and upcoming versions on social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogger, or Youtube.

If you are interested in similar games, do check out Rhythm Tap 2 and Robot Dance Party.

How To Play Tip Tap 2 Like Pro

Tip Tap 2 is a new music game in which players need to tap on arrows and avoid the red lines. Every new level will bring more challenging obstacles that you must deal with. Playing Tip Tap 2 requires some skills, but it won’t take much time if you get used to it. So let’s learn how you can play Tip Tap 2 like a pro.

Tip 1: Always keep an eye on the approach of arrows and try to clear them in one touch. This is the key to score high in this game. You must never forget that your goal is not just to tap on the screen but also to control it.

If you tap on the screen randomly, you are likely to hit the red line, which will bring your game to an end. Always keep an eye on approaching arrows so that you can clear some lines at a time.

Tip 2: Use stars on every level and don’t waste them. Sometimes, leads may not be instrumental in this game, but they can buy items and hints for later stages. You will surely need some help because, at specific points, you may not be able to take down a single arrow on your own so that these stars can come in handy then.

Tip 3: Use guide arrows to your advantage. Guide arrows are shown when the game starts, and they will help you in learning the gameplay. Swipe right or left to switch hands and clear them one after one so that you can get a higher score. Remember, a single touch on the wrong hand will bring your game to an end.

Tip 4: Use combos wisely to earn high scores. Combos are formed by clearing multiple lines simultaneously, which gives you bonus points and extra stars. Remember, you can use these stars to buy some valuable items or hints.

Tip 5: Always keep an eye on the status bar and try to aim for high scores. The status bar will give you a rough idea of how many combos and lines are formed in that particular level. If your combo is higher than other levels, then you will quickly clear that stage. So always aim for high scores and earn three stars at every level.

Tip 6: Keep working hard to improve the accuracy of your taps. If you are trying to get three stars in Tip Tap 2, it is essential to have control over tapping on the screen. Practice makes a man perfect, so keep trying your best to clear lines quickly and accurately.

Levels Of Difficulty

Tip Tap 2 has five different levels of difficulty that you can choose from the home screen. The first level is Easy, where your main aim is to learn how to play this game.

In the access mode, there are black lines and minimal red lines. So it won’t be much challenging for players who are playing this rhythm game for the first time.

There are blue lines and vertical red lines in the second level of difficulty, which is Normal. In Tip Tap 2 Game, you will have to tap on arrows fast as more are in every stage. So if you want to go further, then concentrate hard on tapping as often as possible.

On the third level of difficulty, which is Hard, there are red lines with different patterns. The most common way used in Tip Tap 2 Game is a zig-zag design.

These irregular patterns will surely make your game more difficult, but you can try to clear them one by one if you have enough patience.

In the fourth level of difficulty, which is Expert, you will have to face many obstacles that are available in the third level as well.

But there is also one new obstacle that has been added here, and it is in the form of green colors. If you tap on these lines, then your game will be over.

So you need to be more careful while playing this problematic stage because if you don’t clear the green lines, your game will end.

This is the final and most challenging level of difficulty, which is Master. In this mode, there are red lines with blue curves on them as well.

You won’t see these lines if you don’t use any tool like a star or guide arrow because they are hidden. So if you want to clear them, then first learn how to use the essential one for your game, i.e., star.


We’ve just reviewed the latest version of Tip Tap 2, and we like what it’s doing to help players get a more rewarding experience. This game has been around for a few years now; when we first played it back in 2011, there was no such thing as an Apple TV app or Facebook connect.

But that doesn’t mean this is old news! There are still many improvements being made to TipTap2, which make every update worth downloading.

You can play against your friends on the same device or online with Facebook Connect – and you’ll have plenty of fun while waiting for them to finish their turn. Be sure not to miss out on one of our favorite games ever by adding it to your iOS devices today!