Free Online Tiki Solitaire - How To Play Tiki Solitaire Like Pro

Tiki Solitaire

Free Online Tiki Solitaire - How To Play Tiki Solitaire Like Pro Click to play
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Tiki Solitaire is an addicting solitaire card game for everyone. There are no complicated rules, and it can be played in a few minutes, so you’ll never get bored with this game.

Can you beat the computer? The Tiki Solitaire game will give your brain some exercise while you try to match up cards by suit and rank as they fall into place on the board.

You’ll need to think fast because if two of the same color cards line up, then those cards disappear from the board! This makes it harder for other cards to land below them, but that’s what makes this one of our most addictive games ever!

About Tiki Solitaire Game

Tiki Solitaire is one of the most played and popular versions of card games on various operating systems with Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS platforms. It is a form of a patience game also known as solitaire.

The player plays it by arranging all cards in different piles according to their suit and rank, from ace to king. A card can be moved to another bank to form a sequence in the same case from king to authority or any level less than it.


  • Free Online Tiki Solitaire with detailed instructions that help new players play the game conveniently.
  • The graphics are smooth and soothing for the eyes to play for long.
  • The game has multiple levels of difficulty, which all age groups can play.


  • The controls are straightforward to understand.
  • It can only be played using the mouse or touch screen.


Tiki is a famous brand in the online gaming industry with top games already developed by them with millions of players attached to it. The software is hosted on the official website

Free Online Tiki Solitaire How To Play

Go to the Tiki icon from the homepage, and you will find all available games that can be played online. Click the ‘Play now’ button for Free Online Tiki Solitaire.

A separate window will open, having a different card set of cards arranged in a pile. There is an option to choose from a variety of card sets in different colors.

Choose your favorite one and click ‘Ok.’ The cards will shuffle automatically on the screen. As mentioned above, you can use a computer mouse or touch screen to move the card to other piles. A card can be transferred to form a sequence in the same suit from king to ace or any rank less than it.

For example, if a king is available in one pile, you can move the card to another bank only if it has an ace in the same suit or any other card that is lower than it.

After moving them according to their suit and rank, the player needs to empty all cards and make four piles from Ace to King.

The game continues until the player wins or reaches a dead end where no more moves can be made to empty all cards on the screen.

Levels Of Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty which players can choose as per their playing experience. Beginners should start with a manageable level and then move to higher levels after gaining confidence in playing. There are unlimited lives available for players as the game is not timed.


Can I play Tiki Solitaire online with friends?

Yes, you can invite your friends who also have the software installed on their device, or they can conveniently visit the website by opening it in any browser on their computer or mobile phone. They can enjoy playing the game by following the exact instructions explained in the article above.

Is there any age limit to play Tiki Solitaire?

Tiki Solitaire is an online gaming software, and a player needs not to be anywhere near a computer device to play it. It is available on all platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, and Mac or Windows computer devices, to enjoy playing the game.

How many players are there on Tiki Solitaire at any given time?

Thousands of players play this card game online across the globe at any given time who can join or play it independently without having to sign up anywhere.

Did you know that many people are yet to discover the joy of playing Tiki Solitaire? If you thought that having a computer with an internet connection is enough, then you are wrong.

You need not be near your computer or laptop to enjoy playing this card game. Play it anywhere and anytime wherever you go just by opening the software on your mobile device.


Tiki Solitaire is a free-to-play card game that has been around for years. The latest update, version 1.8, includes the ability to challenge friends on Facebook who is also playing, and it now supports two players at once.

If you love solitaire games or want something new during your downtime, this is worth checking out!

We hope you find the best game for you after reading our blog post about Tiki Solitaire’s value in today’s world of digital gaming.