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The Tower

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The Tower is a new game for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. The object of the game is to build a tower without it falling.

As you build up your tower, more blocks are added, and the difficulty increases; as you progress in the levels, each block has different weights that must be balanced carefully, or they will cause your tower to collapse.

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game with innovative gameplay, then download The Tower now!

About The Tower Game

The Tower Game is an online skill game played by more than 1.8 million people worldwide. The player must build a tower with blocks of various shapes and sizes, using them to keep the growing structure stable as it reaches for the sky!

As you would expect from this kind of building block game, there are plenty of unique challenge levels, from beginner to expert, where you must stack the blocks carefully to stop them from toppling over. The player wins by stacking all building block levels without any blocks falling off the platform.

You control your tower using your mouse cursor, and you can rotate each block to fit it into its build position. With some quick thinking and a steady hand, you will have successfully built your very own tower in no time.

The freedom offered by the online version of The Tower Game allows players to choose from various difficulty levels and also compete with other players from around the world in a wide range of different game types, where there are more than 15,000 puzzles for you to explore on your quest to build the world’s most excellent tower!


The Tower Game is played with your mouse and some simple building blocks, so it’s easy enough for just about anyone to get started. Use your left mouse click to rotate a block clockwise and your right mouse click to turn the block counter-clockwise (just like when using your computer mouse to move things around on the screen.)


The Tower Game has been published online by, where you can play it for free, but be warned that this game can seriously test your hand-eye coordination skills! If you are looking for a fun new challenge, you might want to give The Tower Game a try.

How To Play

The Tower Game is a game of trial and error. You need to use all of your skills to stack the building blocks carefully, ensuring they don’t tip over as you build the tower higher and higher. The more blocks you manage to stack without them falling off the edge, the greater your score will be!

As soon as you know what to do (it’s not that hard!), you will sit there for hours trying to build the perfect tower. With such a simple concept, The Tower Game is worth playing!

Levels Of Difficulty

The challenge of The Tower Game comes from stacking the building blocks in precisely the right way and at the same time positioning them so that they are stable and secure enough to remain standing.

The only way to get better at this game is to practice, so don’t be afraid to play it over and over again until you can build the perfect tower!

If you want a real challenge, then try playing some of the expert-level levels. With more precision required in your block, stacking these levels can be very tricky indeed!


What’s the best strategy for building a stable tower?

Don’t worry about being too slow when you start; make sure to take your time and think carefully before placing each block in its build position. If you accidentally add a block on top of one that is already touching another block, then your tower will fall!

How long does it take to build a tower?

The Tower Game gives you just one minute in which to complete every level. You will need to stack as many blocks as you can in this amount of time, so be quick! If your tower doesn’t fall, then you will have completed the level.

Can I play The Tower Game for free?

If you enjoy playing classic games online, why not treat yourself to some more retro fun and play this retro building game that has published. There’s no need to register to start playing, so click on the link below, and you will be taken straight to the game.


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The Tower has been reviewed, and it’s worth downloading if you’re up for a quick puzzle challenge or two in between long periods of work/study.

You’ll find that this tower will constantly evolve with new levels and challenges, making each play session more fun than the last.

There are over 3 million players who love playing this game against friends locally or online via Facebook connect-and we think they know what they’re talking about too! So download the tower here now and start having some fun today!