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The Street

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The most popular game in town is not on a screen but instead on the streets in many communities. The game is called the street game, and it’s played by throwing a ball up against an object such as a wall or fence and then catching it before it bounces back down to the ground.

When playing this game, there are typically two teams of two people who take turns throwing each other’s balls up against the same surface and trying to catch theirs as they come back down.

It may sound easy enough, but things can get tricky when adding more players (and even more obstacles)! But that’s part of what makes this sport so fun – you never know what might happen next.

About The Street Game

The Street Game is a free online game. It is about a stickman fighting on the street.

In this Street Fighter version 1.3, you can control your character to beat up other people in the street at night, just like a real fight! You are not only hitting and kicking others as well as jumping toward them. When you want to stop, you can only hold the finger on the screen for 2 seconds.

If you like street fighter or other fighting games, you may feel this Street game is exciting!


1. The Street Game is free, enjoy it and play for fun.

2. There are three playable characters (2 male characters and one female character) in The Street Game, choose anyone you like, or you can try all of them to see which one suits your style most.

3. When fighting with others on The Street, you can hit others by tapping at the lower-left corner on the screen for attacking. When no enemies are fighting with you, tap on the lower right corner to restore your HP and fill up the particular bar.

4. You can jump toward the opponent coming from both sides using your finger to tap at the upper or lower parts of the screen.

5. After defeating all of your enemies on the street, you will win the game and go to the next level! You can play The Street Game again if you feel it’s too complicated.


The Street Game is made by Dennis Ho, a self-taught programmer in Sydney, Australia. He had been developing games by using Construct 2 for more than two years.

After a long time hardworking, he finally publishes The Street Game in Google Play Store and Appstore for free so that anyone can enjoy it!

How To Play

1. If you play the game for the first time, please follow the instructions on the screen to learn how to control your character and fight on the street with others.

2. When your HP is almost out, you can tap at the lower right corner for restoring HP and filling up the particular bar. You must fill it up before it runs out!

3. If there is more than one enemy around you, just hit them quickly, one by one, to make your HP complete before it runs out.

4. If you watch the bar below on screen when it turns red, it means that your particular bar is almost out. You can stop fighting and tap at the lower right corner to fill the unique bar and restore HP. Then you will be able to use your strong attack again!

5. When you fight with your enemy, do remember about timing! You must attack first before being attacked by others!

Level Of Difficulty

The Street Game has four levels of difficulty (accessible – medium – complex – challenging). If you are a beginner, please choose the accessible mode to get used to controlling and playing it. When you can play it perfectly, then select the medium model. If you are experienced, please go to the next level and show your skill!


1. What is The Street Game about?

The Street Game is an online game that lets players control stickman fighters on the street at night using their fingers.

As a fighter in The Street Game, you can fight with people from both sides on the screen using your finger and attack them with the left arrow key at the lower-left corner. You must hit others before they hit you to win the game!

2. Is it free?

Yes, The street game is free for everyone; enjoy it and play it online.

3. After I download and install the game, what should I do next?

You need to tap on your phone screen to attack others and to jump toward them!


As you can see, this game is fun for the whole family. It has an online component that allows friends to play together on their own devices or through a Wi-Fi connection. Plus, there are tons of levels and challenges to keep things interesting!

Frongames offers so many great games, from solitaire to word puzzles, it’s hard not to find something enjoyable. If you want some time away from work or other responsibilities but don’t have any money left over after paying your bills at the end of the month, download The Street here – Free!