Free Online The Shape Game - How To Play The Shape Game Like Pro

The Shape Game

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The Shape Game is a fun computer game that helps you memorize all of the two-dimensional shapes. It is best to play this game with a few of your friends to make it more fun and exciting. The game comes with ten different levels of difficulty for you to choose from.

Early in the history of our planet, only exact shapes were around, such as rectangles, triangles, and squares. They were pretty dull to look at and could not form any complex shapes but only simple shapes.

People soon realized that more exciting shapes such as stars, rhombus, and hexagons would help make things more interesting. The first time they discovered these new shapes, there was excitement amongst everyone who wanted to experiment with these shapes.

People were so excited about the new shapes that they would talk about them all day and made sure everyone around them knew about their exciting discoveries. After a few months of playing with the new shapes, many people realized how boring simple forms are, and they started wanting more complex shapes.

Free Online The Shape Game – How To Play The Shape Game Like Pro

1. Click the Start button to enter a game.

2. A shape will appear on the screen for a split second before becoming invisible again, giving you just enough time to try and guess what that shape was by using your memory of previous figures to help with this process.

3. Click the red flag when you have selected, then click next to proceed to the next level.

4. There are ten levels in total, each shape being slightly more complex than the previous one, so you need to move quickly and pay attention when they appear on screen, or your brain will fill with other thoughts such as what you’re going to eat later that day, how much homework you have, etc.

5. When you have completed levels 3 to 10, the game will ask you if you can do another round.

6. The overall aim of this game is to get a one hundred percent score on all the levels. To achieve this, you must remember every shape from 1-10 within just a few seconds.

7. There is no time limit to complete the game, but if you’re playing with other people, it is more fun as there are leader boards and points that go towards winning a medal at the end of the game.


1. This game is free to play online and provides you with the opportunity to earn yourself a place on the leader board within your friend’s list. The more shapes you remember in a short time, the better percentage score you will receive.

2. The levels are created by combining geometric shapes, which helps improve your understanding of basic geometry in a fun way.

3. This game is suitable for all ages and will help you improve your memory skills while having fun in the process.

4. The games also come with an option to make some shapes appear multiple times on screen or even show them at random, creating a more challenging level of play compared to how the memory games work in real life.

5. The game is free to play online. It doesn’t require you to download unnecessary software or files to your computer or tablet, making it safer than other memory-training games that can be downloaded from the internet.


If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your free time – then The Shape Game is perfect for you! Because there are so many different shapes and levels to play, the game will keep you challenged for a long time and extend that playing time even more as you try to beat yourself each time. Frongames hopes that our guide can help you know the way to play this game better.