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It is time to get competitive with the Tetra Game! This game is perfect for families, friends, and coworkers. The game’s goal is to be the first player or team to stack all four of your pieces on top of each other without tipping over.

Players take turns placing their blocks onto a flat surface, trying not to knock down any stacks already in place. With this game, there are no winners or losers – just fun!

This family-friendly game will provide hours of entertainment for everyone involved. If you’re looking for a fast-paced yet easy-going challenge that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, then try out tetra today!

About Tetra Game

Tetra Game – It’s a Tetra puzzle game and the most complex Tetris game ever. Match horizontal rows of 9, vertical columns of 9, or 3×3 squares of 9 to collect all the objective star blocks on Challenge mode!

In Classic Mode, set your high score by completing as many lines as possible before running out of space.

How To Play Tetra Game Like Pro

Tetris Basics

The objective of Tetris is to manipulate an array of different shapes, known as tetrominoes, moving them across the playing field and arranging them in such a way that lines are created, which will generate blocks.

The resulting structure can then be removed by creating other lines with the falling blocks. There are seven different tetrominoes in Tetris, all of which have a distinct shape and behave differently.

In addition, several other pieces are known as the I tetromino (an L-shape), J, and L also appears occasionally after specific sequences of blocks are cleared.

The four middle columns of tetrominoes all behave similarly and must always be placed flat against a playing field wall when dropped. The five different types of tetrominoes are:

  • I: Four-sided stick (all four sides can move) Right side
  • J: Four-sided pyramid (only right and left sides can move) Left side
  • L: Three-sided prism (all three sides can move) All three sides
  • O: Staircase (only top and bottom sides can move) Top or Bottom Side; None
  • S: Line (always falls straight down; can move left or right)

When clearing lines in Tetris, notice that when you can place a piece into the game field, remember to hold down the CTRL key and click on the block to rotate it (or do the same using the W key; or use Space bar). Pressing only the SPACE Bar will allow you to drop the block, but it will rotate to an unfavorable position.

Tetrus Tips

To remove one block, you can rotate the piece to fall straight down without any other blocks on top of it.

To get a tetromino to drop faster, rotate the piece twice before releasing it.

If you place one shape in a narrow spot (usually where an I or L has been set), you can use this as a buffer layer to prevent other conditions from getting stuck.

Another helpful tip is to try and align the top row of tetrominoes (known as Tetris rows) in sections of three, four, or five pieces. This makes it easier when you’re trying to clear multiple lines at once. As a general rule, if you can’t leave two open spaces for a T-spin, then leave at least one.

When you’re falling to the bottom of Tetris, try and look for a spot somewhere in the middle of the playing field so that your next tetromino will have some empty spaces to fall into when it does hit bottom (which is what makes lines easier to clear).

If you’re struggling to clear lines, more often than not, try and plan about two or three pieces to see where the tetrominoes will fall.

For example, if you have a column of four blocks running over a couple of rows, don’t be afraid to remove the top-most block early so that when the rest of the tetrominoes fall, they will all stack up neatly somewhere else.



There is a lot more to TETRA than just simply matching lines. In this game, you must know how to manipulate all the different types of blocks. Each type of block comprises four small blocks (tetrominoes) and a star, which is essentially a wildcard that can be used to match multiple shapes at once for extra points!


Guide: To score points in TETRA, you must match horizontal rows of nine blocks. Then, once those are cleared, you can continue clearing lines off the board for issues.

However, if you play Challenge mode, then any three shapes will be considered a line (horizontal or vertical). In this case, any three STAR blocks next to each other horizontally or vertically will count as one line. So there must be at least three STAR blocks to clear a line (horizontal, vertical, or 3×3).


What are star blocks? The TETRA block design has been creatively designed so that a STAR (or Wildcard) block can be used to clear multiple lines at once! There are four types of star blocks in the game:


To match a STAR, you must have one line (horizontal or vertical) with three STARS in a row. There is no minimum number of rows you must clear to clear a STAR.

In Challenge mode, you must match 3×3 (nine) blocks vertically and horizontally, including STARS in between the shapes. There is no minimum amount of rows, columns, or profiles required for clearance.


Where can I play Tetris?

To play Tetris online at no cost, you must go to the official TETRA website. For other websites that claim to offer free Tetris online, you may be at risk of having your personal information stolen or computer viruses installed on your PC if you do decide to proceed.

Why was Tetris removed from the App Store?

Apple removed Tetris from its store after several parents complained that the game could cause seizures in children. It made sense because there were some reports of young boys suffering epileptic-like attacks when they played this game, and Apple was quick to react by removing it from the App Store.

However, the creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov, stated that he never had any reports of the game causing seizures. He also said that it was unlikely for this to occur since Tetris contains a repetitive theme and not flashing lights.

Is Tetris good for your brain?

Yes, absolutely. Playing Tetris is one of the best things you can do to improve your brain function in terms of spatial awareness and visual perception. It will also help with memory retention because the game requires players to memorize where blocks are positioned depending on how many times they play a level.

Does Tetris increase IQ?

Yes! Playing Tetris has been proven to increase IQ by a significant amount. According to research, playing the game for 10-15 minutes three times a week can help improve your concentration skills and ability to focus on tasks at hand.


We hope this post has helped you understand the value of tetra, and now you’re ready to download it! After reading about how much fun people are having with it, we know that you won’t regret downloading it. Tetra is available for free on Google Play or the App Store.

If you ever need help playing tetra or competing against friends in a game of chess, feel free to reach out to our team at any time through Facebook chat or email us. You can also find more information about our company and products by visiting today!