Free Online Test Line Game - How To Play Test Line Game Like Pro

Test Line Game

Free Online Test Line Game - How To Play Test Line Game Like Pro Click to play
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Test Line Game online is a simple game. The player will follow the instructions and draw lines to test the computer’s ability. In this game, there are six levels. Every time you achieve a group, you will gain a star and an exciting achievement-making. This game is available in Frongames.

Free Online Test Line Game – How To Play Test Line Game Like Pro

Step 1. Play this game on the computer, connect to the internet and sign in to an account. After that, click New Game.

Step 2. After playing a while above, you have three stars and five achievements to get (Finished first stage / Successfully achieved the goal of removing 150 lines / How long can I hold? / Audacious challenge / Draw a line to touch the destination). You can choose one of them from goal achievement.

Step 3. The computer will give an example. Like the picture above, you must draw lines as shown by the triangle, and then it has been removed. When drawing the wrong line, you will lose your life.

Step 4. When you finish the level, every time, there will be a short dialogue. You can choose yes or no.

Step 5. Click on My Profile to see your achievement and play this game again with another goal achievement.

Step 6. If you want to change your name, click Edit My Profile, then enter your name.

Game Features

This game gives me a chance to improve my ability to concentrate. After playing a while, you have forgotten all the noisy things around me. And this is great for kids at school because they can find something interesting and exciting in their spare time by themselves.

You can also use this game to get familiar with computer operations step-by-step. The game is easy, and it’s suitable for me to learn how to use computer games with my friend or parents.

From the process of playing, you can find that the level of this game is not very high and it’s suited to children. Adults also have a lot of time to play in their spare time with their children. They can learn how to use computer software step-by-step with them.

So this game is perfect for people of any age because even adults who are new to computers can find it easy to enjoy playing games on the internet. This is a good change from work that they have every day.


So if you want to find a simple game that can help you and your family feel comfortable with computer software, I can recommend this game. You will enjoy it so much on the internet. It is straightforward to follow the steps as in how to play above depending on the level of your knowledge about using computers step-by-step.