Free Online Temple Jewels - How To Play Temple Jewels Like Pro

Temple Jewels

Free Online Temple Jewels - How To Play Temple Jewels Like Pro Click to play
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The Temple Jewels game is a great way to learn about India, China, and Egypt. The game’s goal is to collect as many temple jewels as possible on your quest for enlightenment.

Along the way, you will face challenges that test your knowledge of geography, history, and culture. You can play against friends or by yourself to see how much you know about these ancient civilizations.

Your score in this game depends on how quickly you complete each level, so make sure not to give up! With ten levels total, ranging from easy-to-harder difficulties, there’s something for everyone!

About Temple Jewels Game

Temple Jewels is a matching game for all ages. Playing this game can quickly reduce stress, and it could be exciting when you play with children. It is free to play and addictive, just like Candy Crush Saga.

This game was released in 2010 by Atomzone, Inc. Company since then registered more than 10 million players worldwide. In Temple Jewels, you have to pair up the two similar jewels to remove them from the playing field. If there are no more matching pairs, then you can go on to the next level.


Temple Jewels provides a variety of features that make it not only addictive but also entertaining for young and older adults alike. With over 80 levels of play, the game is good enough to keep you entertained for a long time.

You can earn extra scores and bonuses when you match up three or more jewels – these add-ons include bombs, rockets, stars, and rings. The bonus jewels could be used to blast other nearby pieces away from your board with ease; no need to waste precious moves to remove the items.


The controls for this game are straightforward to learn, which makes it suitable for players of all ages. You can make your way through your levels or play with other people in an online match. Besides, the website also enables you to access your profile and statistics.

How To Play Temple Jewels Like Pro

Still not sure how to play this game? Here is a short tutorial to guide you through the basics:

1) When you have launched this app, you will be given an intro screen to choose to play this game. When you tap on Play, you will be directed to the main screen, where you can adjust your settings (you can set sounds, music, etc.).

2) To play Temple Jewels, make sure that your time zone is correct and that it corresponds with the server. Clicking on the continue button lets you start playing.

3) You will be given a list of all the available levels in Temple Jewels that you can play. Once you have selected a level, tap on Play. You are now ready to start playing.

4) You should aim to match your jewels and make them disappear from the board at this point. To do so, you have to select a treasure and make it swap places with another one in the column. You can do this by tapping on the bottom area of one piece and dragging it towards another tile.

5) The two jewels should be similar, either in color or number. You get an extra turn if you can pair up to three or more catches.

6) If you have no more moves, then you have to wait for the next turn. You can get extra points or a bonus when you match up three or more jewels. Different turns and rewards are free and help you pass levels with ease.

7) In Temple Jewels, there are various types of power-ups that you can use. These include rockets, sling stones, stars, and bombs, etc.

You can collect these power-ups when you make a match of three or more jewels. Through the screen options menu on Temple Jewels, you can boost your game by choosing to show available powers for each move viewable in advance with an X icon over their heads.

8) In Temple Jewels, you will have to play this game by your time zone and the server where you are playing. The website maintains a graph that shows any connection issues and communicates with players concerning any problems encountered.

Temple Jewels are only available for registered users; therefore, register today if you wish to enjoy limitless jewels and power-ups!

Levels Of Difficulty

The game comprises several levels classified into four different categories – Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. Each level has a total of 10 rounds, and you can make it through any game by clearing all the jewels on your screen.

As you move from one level to another, the number of jewels you are required to clear increases. The website also enables players who have completed all levels to take up the challenge of Elite mode.

This is the most complex level in Temple Jewels, with a total of 10 rounds and no power-ups or new tiles shown.


What is the maximum number of people that can play Temple Jewels in one room?

The maximum number of people allowed to play Temple Jewels at the same time is four. If more than four players are found playing on a single machine, the setting will automatically switch to game mode. Players not on ‘Name’s list’ may be asked to leave if this occurs too frequently.

How can I play Temple Jewels?

To start playing, first ensure that your time zone settings correspond with the chosen server and then click on “Play.” This will take you a list of all the available levels.

After selecting a level, you will be given an option to start playing, provided that you are connected to the website via Yahoo! Messenger or Yahoo! Games service.

How can I choose my time zone on Temple Jewels?

Temple Jewels display your current time in your choice of 12 different time zones ranging from GMT to US Eastern Standard Time.

To change your current time zone, please go to the ‘Game Options’ page and click on the button next to the appropriate time zone you would like to use. If you do not want to play in this particular time zone anymore, click again and choose another one.

How can I sign out of Temple Jewels?

A) On the right-hand corner of your screen, click on the Game Options option present in the list. This will take you to a page where you can submit your username and password.

B) Then enter Sign Out in the box provided for Password and click on End Session.

I’m experiencing problems connecting to Temple Jewels. What should I do?

If you have successfully logged in but cannot connect to the website, ensure that your system clock is set correctly and that the computer does not go into standby mode or turn off while playing Temple Jewels. If this does not help, try changing to any other time zone, then restart your game.

If you are still unable to play, try playing on another machine. If this works for you, then the password protection intended for your computer must be disabled, and a firewall needs to be installed.

When will Temple Jewels launch in other languages?

To cater to a broader audience worldwide, we’re beginning to roll out Temple Jewels in other languages. Would you please check back soon for new translations and updates?


Temple jewels is a fun, and addictive game that you will be able to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect.

The best part about this app, it has more content coming out every day, which means there’s always something new for you to explore! There are also daily rewards such as gems when logging in each day.

We hope we have helped make your decision easier by telling you all of the great features of the temple jewels game. Download it here now and start playing today!