Free Online Tap The Black Tile Game - How To Play Tap The Black Tile Game Like Pro

Tap The Black Tile Game

Free Online Tap The Black Tile Game - How To Play Tap The Black Tile Game Like Pro Click to play
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Tap the black tile game as fast as you can. Do not stop tapping, no matter what happens on screen. Keep your eyes peeled for shapes and colors that might change things up a bit. Don’t let anything distract you from getting to the end of this game! 

Tap The Black Tile is a simple but addictive game for players who need something to do when waiting in line or sitting at their desk at work or want a quick distraction while scrolling through social media feeds on their phones.

Tap The Black Tile Game Overview

Tap The Black Tile is the type of game that designers hope will get passed around on social media or downloaded a lot.

It’s so simple that essentially anyone can play it, and yet there is a level of challenge involved for those who like to see if they can beat their score.

Parents should note that this game does require internet access as users will need to receive and use a notification after completing the first few levels.

The goal of Tap The Black Tile is not actually “to tap the black tile.” Instead, users are presented with a square board of different colored tiles.

By tapping on the screen, these tiles disappear one by one until there’s only one tile left on the net. At that point, users will see a notification on their phone asking them to play again.

When users are playing the game, they receive points for every time they complete a level and get closer to beating their record, but also lose lives whenever a non-black tile is tapped. The groups will ramp up in difficulty, and players will have to be fast to get through them.

Free Online Tap The Black Tile Game – How To Play Tap The Black Tile Game Like Pro

Step 1: Click the “Play” button to start this game. 

Step 2: Tap on the screen to make all tiles disappear. The faster you tap, the more scores you get. Don’t stop tapping even if shapes or colors are changing on-screen. 

Step 3: Continue to tap until a notification appears telling you that “The black tile saved your life.” This means this game is over.

Step 4: Please press the “Restart” button if you want to play again. 

Beginner Tips

Please make sure all tiles are at the bottom of the screen by tapping on them quickly. Then, watch for shapes and colors that might change things up a bit. 

If you get to the point where you’re simply getting too many notifications, either turn off your phone or uninstall this game yourself.

The fun doesn’t seem to affect a phone’s performance or battery life. However, if you’re getting too many notifications from the game, it might be time to do one of these things before the fun stops bothering you. 


Tap the Black Tile Game has cute graphics and fun sound effects. The game overall is straightforward to play but can be a challenge as levels ramp up in difficulty. It’s also free, making it a good option for those who want something simple with no strings attached. 


With simple gameplay and cute graphics, it’s easy to see why Tap the Black Tile is such a hit in the Play Store. This game will soon lose popularity among users who have stopped playing it due to notifications. 

If you don’t mind receiving a notification for every single level that you finish, then by all means, continue playing. But if you’re ready to stop seeing reports for this game, then you’ll have to uninstall it yourself or turn off your phone entirely, and that will mean no games for anyone. 

Frongames hopes that if you do enjoy the game, make sure to share it with your friends via social media, just like most top apps are shared these days.