Free Online Sweet Garden - How To Play Sweet Garden Like Pro

Sweet Garden

Free Online Sweet Garden - How To Play Sweet Garden Like Pro Click to play
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You might ask what is the Sweet Garden game? Well, it’s a new game developed by In-Game Garden to teach kids about gardening!

This creative and educational game teaches how to grow plants from seedlings to mature plants while also learning about different fruits and veggies. It starts with planting seeds in pots, then watering them every day until they are ready to be planted outside into the ground.

Players can harvest their crops and sell them on an online marketplace or eat them themselves! There are many different difficulty levels, so players can pick one that suits their needs, all while getting help from family members along the way.

About Sweet Garden Game

Sweet Garden is a simple and very addictive puzzle game that you can play on your browser for free. The goal in this game is to clear the field by matching four or more pieces of the same kind, but be careful!

More details will fall from above as you progress, and your board fills up quickly. The higher levels become challenging, so clear as many pieces as you can before the board gets too full.

In total, eight different levels become progressively more complex, but the game itself is very addictive, and once you start playing it, you won’t be able to stop. The graphics are simple yet effective, and all in all, Sweet Garden makes for a great way to pass some time.

Sweet Garden is a very innovative and unique flash game, so if you enjoy playing puzzle games, you should check out this one. Just don’t blame us if it’s hard to tear yourself away from the screen! For those who are into classic sweets like lollipops, jelly beans, or bubble gum, this game is an excellent homage to all of them.


  • Addictive gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours on end.
  • Cute graphics and a fun theme that will appeal to young and old alike.


The controls in Sweet Garden are straightforward to learn but challenging to master! Use your mouse to drag the candies around the screen until they match up with other pieces of candy. Then they will disappear, but if a piece of candy rolls off the screen, then it’s game over!


Y8 Games develop sweet Garden, and you can play this fun puzzle game on both your Android phone or tablet and your desktop computer.

The mobile version has 30 levels, plus we are constantly updating the app to bring you new levels, features, and improvements.

How To Play

Playing Sweet Garden is very easy. Use your mouse as a pointer to move around the candies and when you find one that matches one or more of the surrounding pieces, click on it to make them disappear.

The first few levels are pretty straightforward, but later ones will be much harder! You can pause the game at any moment by using the pause button, which comes in handy with those challenging levels.

Levels Of Difficulty

To progress from one level to the next, you will have to clear all of the candy pieces and score a total number of points corresponding to that level’s value.

Sweet Garden has eight different game levels plus an additional two challenges unlocked after you complete the game. The first levels are elementary, but the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly, as we’ve said before.

There are two trophies to be earned in Sweet Garden: getting all of your pieces to the bottom of the board and another award for collecting all of the candy pieces on each level. Each time that you earn one of those trophies, the game gets a little bit more challenging.

The first five levels are elementary and shouldn’t give you much trouble at all. The sixth level is where things get interesting as it’s not easy to earn enough points for that first trophy. By the time you reach the seventh level, though, you’ll need to start paying attention if you want to get that trophy.

Level 8 is challenging and will take a lot of determination to earn the second trophy. Get ready for some serious concentration, as levels 8 and 9 are where things get tricky!


What does it mean when pieces keep falling from above the board?

After a few pieces fall from above the board, you will need to drag them back out of the way before they can cause any more trouble. Avoid letting those extra pieces fall off the screen because if that happens, then you lose!

What is the point of earning trophies?

Earning trophies in Sweet Garden gives you a reason to keep playing. Each time you make a trophy, the game gets more complex, which means more points for your next award!

What does the locked level in the bottom right corner mean?

The locked level can only be unlocked by earning all of the trophies in Sweet Garden. When this happens, you will need to start from scratch, and depending on your skill level, you may never be able to unlock it!


It’s impossible to find a game that suits everyone, but Sweet Garden is one of those games where you can’t help but feel good about the purchase.

The graphics are beautiful, and it has more levels than any other puzzle game out there. If you have friends who play on Facebook, be sure to connect with them so you can compete against each other in this engaging puzzler! Download Sweet Garden for free today by clicking here.