Free Online Sun Charms - How To Play Sun Charms Like Pro

Sun Charms

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Sun Charms Game is a slot game that has been designed to provide players with an enjoyable experience of the hottest season of the year. Players spin their way through this game, which features various symbols and wins, maximizing their chances of success on each turn.

The aim is to get as many points as possible by matching up three or more identical symbols across the reel before they run out, and if you manage to do so, then you’ll be rewarded with a cash prize!

With such rewarding prizes on offer for those who match up symbols, it’s no wonder why Sun Charms Game is one that so many people worldwide enjoy.

About Sun Charms Game

In this game, you are an apprentice sheepdog, and you must guide the sheep through obstacles to get them to the exit while collecting all of the gems in each stage. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is not. You will need to avoid holes, bottomless pits, saws, rocks, and even a few surprises that we have yet to add.


  • 50+ levels of play.
  • Five bonus level types (Find all of the buttons on one side, Find sheep that are lost, and more.)
  • 3 Bonus Games to Increase your Sun Charms. (Sun Charm Machine – Drop Sheep And Collect Them For More Points. Golden Sun Charm Rain – Make As Many Sun Charms as you can before time runs out. Randomizer – Give you a random Sun Charm power-up.)


  • Arrow Keys- Move/Jump
  • X Key- Change the direction of Sheep or use Power-ups.
  • Space Bar- Use Your Sun Charm power up when you get it.


Gary McLean | Twitter: @bored3

How To Play Sun Charms Like Pro

Don’t take the levels too seriously. It is not that hard to get through them, and once you have completed a level, it will repeat on an infinite loop until you meet all of the gem spots in that level.

You are limited by your jump, making timing important in moving from platform to platform while avoiding holes, rocks, etc. If you jump before the forum, you jump to appears and disappears, and then fall.

You can not fall off of the screen in this game, so do not worry about that happening.

If an enemy comes on the screen, use your sun charm power-ups to defeat it or avoid it altogether if possible. They are worth a lot more points than gems.

If you are having trouble with one level, try another difficulty setting (Easy – Hard). Inaccessible mode, you can stay on a single platform for as long as you want without getting any penalty against your score.

This is just a fun game that I am making and have fun in the process of making every day.

Levels Of Difficulty


While on this difficulty setting, you are given the option of starting a level over as many times as needed to collect all of the gems and complete the level.


If you fall off or miss any gems and die on this mode, you will have two options. You can either start over from the beginning or go back to where you fell.


If you die on this level, then it is game over, and it will restart you back to the beginning of the last stage completed. Enjoy!


How long did it take to make this game?

Well, It has been in development for about two months now, but I have worked on it back to February of 2015.

What does the “B” mean at the top right corner, and how do I earn it?

This is a counter for the total number of Sun Charms you have collected after each stage so far. Levels do not break it down but just an overall count. Earn this, and you will be able to advance to the bonus games.

Can I play this game on a Mac?

Yes, you can play it on anything that has Java downloaded and installed onto it. I do not own a Mac, but if someone would like to PM me about how you got this game working on one, I will be happy to update everyone with that info.

How do I get the Sun Charm power-ups to appear?

You can not control when they show up, but you can make it more likely for them to appear by playing in higher-difficulty settings. Each one has a different effect that will help you complete the level easier and collect gems faster.

How many times can I play each level before it repeats?

You can play each stage as many times as you like before it starts to repeat itself. You must complete all of the gems in that level for a new one to appear, but it never gets old!


Sun Charms is a new game that incorporates the classic strategy of capturing territory with an added twist. In this game, players must capture and hold on to their environment by strategically placing sun charms to outwit their opponent.

The player who controls two-thirds of the map will win! I think you’ll find it hard not to get hooked playing online against friends or family members from your device as well as those around the world via Facebook connect. Download now for free at!