Free Online Steal Game - How To Play Steal Game Like Pro

Steal This Game

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You’re always on the go and have no time to head out to the store. You want a game, but you don’t know what kind of game you should get. Steal This Game is your answer! We give you reviews for all types of games – from apps to board games – so that you can find the perfect one without ever having to leave home. Let Frongames show you more information about this game. 

Steal This Game Overview

This asymmetrical nano game can be played by two players in five to ten minutes. The players provide two dice. One player assumes the role of a board game publisher in a large convention.

The other player, a thief, is determined to rob the publisher’s booth rolling dice and lying, guessing, and shuffling cards.

The exhibitor attempts to hide the cash in one of four cash boxes. To find out more about the cash’s location, the thief secretly rolls two dice.

The exhibitor can catch the thief trying to steal while they are still at it. If this fails, the exhibitor has crowned the winner.

Free Online Steal Game – How To Play Steal Game Like Pro

Step 1: Click the Play button to start this game. 

Step 2: Click the Full-Screen button to get this game on fullscreen.

Step 3: Roll the two dice to start this game

Step 4: Guess the number of dice that were rolled. If you guess correctly, click the Yes button; otherwise, click No. If you are correct, move on to the next question. 

Step 5: Robber can roll up to two more times with penalties for incorrect guesses. If you are caught, the thief robs you. You must reveal cash boxes and place one of them on top of your booth. Then, draw four cards from the deck and discard two (any combination).

Next, the robber steals as many coins as they rolled in their first dice roll. The last card is drawn by the exhibitor and revealed secretly to the thief. This card shows the cash location. 

Step 6: If the exhibitor reveals a card with a 3 on it, they win by surviving for 3 rounds (or stealing cash). Otherwise, one of the exhibitor’s boxes is opened; if this did not reveal any coins, move on to the next round (also shown cards are discarded). 

Step 7: If three rounds pass and no coins have been discovered, the exhibitor wins. Otherwise, the thief robs an exhibitor’s cash box and steals as many coins as were rolled on dice. The remaining cards are shuffled to create a new deck of four cards. 

Lastly: the thief draws a card and applies its effect.

Beginner Tips

Here are some tips that you can use to help you win this game:

1. The exhibitor should try to roll a 3 as many times as possible because it allows the exhibitor to win even if they have not yet discovered any coins or cards. 

2. Try to make the thief guess on dice rolls of two and ones because the thief must wait longer to steal if they assume incorrectly.

3. The exhibitor should place valuable cards in boxes where some coins have already been discovered. This will make stealing more difficult for the thief. 


  • This game is a randomization of the cops and robbers genre with some RPG elements added to lengthen the engagement. 
  • This project has been made possible by the generous support of several people. 
  • This is a game that two people can play, which makes it great for couples or families to play together on a rainy day.
  • This game isn’t exactly fun, but the rules and mechanics are fun to engage with each other.
  • It’s an exciting concept one that I hope you can get your friends to try out!


This game is exciting and quick to play a two-player game. It’s easy to learn and has good replay value because it encourages you to try new strategies. I also like that the play length can be varied relatively easily by how many dice are rolled and cards are drawn during the round.

The instructions were clear though a hand-written diagram of the dice and card deck would have saved me some time. This is a great game to grab if you like games that involve social interaction and strategy.