Free Online Squirrel Hero Game - How To Play Squirrel Hero Game Like Pro

Squirrel Hero Game

Free Online Squirrel Hero Game - How To Play Squirrel Hero Game Like Pro Click to play
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Squirrel Hero Game is a retro-style game with challenging levels and power-ups. We created this game for players who want to test their skills against the clock. It’s easy to learn but hard to master! 

Squirrel hero is a 2D platformer where you play as an innocent yet heroic squirrel running through many dangerous levels trying to save his family from evil snakes. The game’s goal is simple: Get the key and then go back home in one piece, or at least try your best not to die.

Squirrel Hero Game Overview

We want to create an addictive game that is easy to play but hard to master. There are 30 challenging levels and speed run mode. The length of a group depends on your choice: You may choose sprint mode with one life or endurance mode for multiple lives.

During this game, you will encounter many obstacles such as different types of enemies, dangerous traps, and many others that you will have to defeat to get the key. Your squirrel jumps by itself, so your main task is to avoid all the bad things while jumping from platform to platform.

Free Online Squirrel Hero Game – How To Play Squirrel Hero Game Like Pro

Step 1: Choose 1 or 2 level mode

Step 2: Choose a starting life (if you chose sprint mode)

Step 3: Start the game! 

Our main character is a squirrel, and in the Squirrel Hero game, he has to jump and run and avoid all the obstacles. 

The controls are pretty simple left-click makes you jump, right-click makes you duck. And that’s it! You need to tap your buttons really fast or very carefully. 

Beginner Tips

Squirrel Hero Game is very challenging, but you can beat it! We’ve figured out some valuable tips that will help you get further on this game. The main problem in this game is snakes! They’re everywhere, and they all want to kill our hero so be ready to avoid them or attack them with a spear.


  • Classic retro platform-style graphics and music. 
  • Upgradable Power-ups to use in challenging levels. 
  • Many different types of enemies trying to stop you on your way to the key. 
  • Challenging levels and beatable obstacles.


The squirrel hero game is still under development, so we invite you to leave as much feedback as possible and help us improve it by giving new ideas on how it can be improved. Also, you will get a chance to be part of the development process.