Free Online Spot The Difference - How To Play Spot The Difference Like Pro

Spot The Difference

Free Online Spot The Difference - How To Play Spot The Difference Like Pro Click to play
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Spot the Difference is a game that tests your visual skills. This game aims to find differences between two images, which are usually similar in color and tone.

You are given four chances to find all the differences before time runs out or lose a life.

Suppose you complete the level with less than 50 seconds left on the clock! Some levels have different rules, such as only being able to see one image at a time or not being able to use hints until you’ve found all of that level’s differences.

About Spot The Difference Game

Spot The Difference is a game wherein you will be given two identical pictures, and your objective is to find the six differences in each image.

This Spot The Difference game for free features 25 difficulty levels ranging from 1 (easiest) to level 25 (hardest). It has simple rules that can be understood easily by all ages above five years old.

Your progress will be marked with points, and you can click the ‘Show Answer’ button to reveal all the differences, or you may choose to play on level 25 and wait for 3 seconds for a hint. If you finish levels 1-25, that means your mind is sharp enough to try it on our challenging levels, so have fun playing this Spot The Difference game online.


  • A platform for kids to play and enjoy Find the differences.
  • Controllers for navigation on a tablet, iPad, or desktop. Twenty-four pictures in each level, from easy to very hard. Each level has a different play experience. Easy to learn but hard to master.
  • The timer of 3 seconds per picture is used as a hint for finding all the six differences in each image.
  • Contains sound effects. Let you find the differences while relaxing with music.

Lots of levels in this Spot The Difference game online, from very easy to hard level. This game is free and can be played offline anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection! No payments are required and no charges! Feature for kids to learn how to find the differences in objects of daily life.

The level of difficulty ranges from easy to very hard. It can be played on a computer, tablet, or iPad without additional installed software and plug-ins.


  • For mobile/tablet/iPad users: Use your finger to click the differences as you are looking for it on each picture, that’s all.
  • For desktop/laptop users: Use your mouse to click the differences as you are looking for it on each image, that’s all.


Spot The Difference is developed by Softik. Any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with us.

How To Play Spot The Difference Like Pro

Find the six differences in each picture. Here are some tips:

Don’t look for small details. Find significant differences that stand out! If you use your finger to play this game on a tablet, put two fingers together and find the Difference between them.

Look at every part of the pictures carefully because sometimes what is different has previously not caught your attention.

Please do not focus on small details, which makes it harder to find the differences. Wait for 3 seconds for a hint if you are stuck at some level in this game.

There is no time limit so take your time to look closely and pay attention to every part of the pictures carefully after you click Show Answer.

If you are stuck at a level, you can skip it and come back later—no need to rush. Sometimes after several minutes or hours, you will find the differences easily!

Levels of Difficulty

  • Level 1-5 – very easy
  • Level 6-10 – easy level
  • Level 11-15 – the average level
  • Level 16-20 – a challenging level
  • 21 and above – very hard


Why a game for kids about finding the differences? Isn’t it an adult’s game?

All ages enjoy many games. Adults have a different mindset compared to children. If you get stuck at some level, try playing it after a few minutes or hours. Relax your mind and play it with calmness. You will find the differences easily!

Why do we have so many levels?

Our game has about 25 levels, but since the first 5-6 levels are elementary, we included them in levels 1-5. When you master these manageable levels will boost your concentration and focus on finding the differences quickly!

Do you have a version for Android / IOS?

No, this game can be played optionally offline, anywhere, even without an internet connection. We hope that soon we will be able to develop a version for android and possibly IOS users.

I have some pictures that you can use for this game?

Please email them to us at so we can address the issue right away!


Spot the Difference is a game that requires you to find and click on objects in two different images. You are given three clues, which help narrow down your search for the matching thing.

This game has been around since 2006, but it’s still fun! There are many levels available, so there will never be an end date.

The latest updates have made this app much more user-friendly with new content every day, as well as Facebook connect now allowing you to play against friends online or on the same device. I hope you found some great games here at Frongames; feel free to download any of these apps today!