Free Online Space Time Game - How To Play Space Time Game Like Pro

Space Time Game

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Lovers in a Dangerous Space time is an action-packed game that has players protecting their spaceships from dangerous enemies. The game requires teamwork and communication to succeed, which can be challenging for gamers who are used to playing solo. In this blog, Frongames will detail how this cooperative game works and what it takes to win.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Overview

The game is meant for four players. The player can choose to be a boy or girl and create their character with different features like hair color and eye shape. Players then get to pick from many different colors for their spaceship before heading into action together in the universe.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime aims to survive as long as possible by collecting power orbs to keep the ship running and destroying enemies that come into their path. The game is physics-based, meaning if a player throws a weapon, it will be affected by gravity and other uncontrollable forces.

Free Online Space Time Game – How To Play Space Time Game Like Pro

Step 1: Choose your character(boy/girl), ship color, and name

Step 2: choose a map (for now, there are only two maps)

Step 3: Start the game, press “A” to confirm

If you start a new game while someone else is playing, it will ask you if you want to join in the lobby. It may be a good idea to go online simultaneously so you can play it together.

Step 4: Choose which role you want to play; there are four roles in this game: captain, shielder, engineer, and blaster

Step 5: Everyone will be together in a small room, and they have to choose one of three doors to go through. Once you select your door, then all players go together, whether you like it or not.

If someone chooses an incorrect entry, then press “A” again before going through it. If someone dies, you will have three lives left. If all players are dead, then the game is over, and you have to start from the beginning again.

Step 6: Once you’ve gone through one of the doors, it will lead to a larger room with more doors to go through in different directions (if there is only one door, then that means it’s the end of the game, and it’s a boss fight with more enemies.)

Choose one of the doors to go through if you don’t like which door everyone chose, press A again before going through it.

Step 7: Once you’ve gotten through all three doors, then you can start playing together as a team. Work with your teammates to collect power orbs and destroy enemy ships. Whatever happens, remember that teamwork is vital in this game to win.

Beginner Tips

  • It’s helpful to talk to each other using the mic or chat box because it makes teamwork easier.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, but also don’t expect others to bail you out all the time.
  • Once you’ve gotten through three rooms together as a team, then you can play solo and control your ship. Use this time to collect power orbs where you need to and destroy your enemies.
  • You can also take down the enemy’s shields, so your team doesn’t have to waste their time doing it later on.


Local Coop Gameplay

To manage the various battle stations, 2 to 4 players or one player and a loyal AI space pet need to work together. They must sprint back and forth between weapons and engines. Everyone fills essential roles, and no one is left behind.

Ships Upgradeable

Combine powerful space-gems to optimize your ship’s loadout. You can learn different abilities from each gem, so you have the right tools to handle every situation.

A New Experience Every Time

Randomized levels mean that every player will explore new areas each time they play.

Simple Controls, Deep Challenge

It’s easy to control your spacesuit, and anyone can do it quickly. But getting everyone together, fighting evil constellations and robots, is the trick.


This is a fun game to play with your friends. This is an excellent option if you want to take it on the go or with you anywhere. The purpose of this game may be to save the galaxy from evil robots, but all it does is make you want to go back and do it again.

Although this game may be a little complicated for people who don’t play many games, it’s still worth trying! It’s not always fun when you’re playing with other online players because they might ignore you, but hopefully, that doesn’t happen too often.