Free Online Space Invaders - How To Play Space Invaders Like Pro

Space Invaders

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In the now-famous arcade game Space Invaders, you play as a laser gunner defending Earth from an invasion of alien invaders. The invading aliens crawl across the top of the screen in linear formation and occasionally fire at your ship with their lasers.

You use your cannon to shoot them before they reach the earth’s surface. One-shot destroys one invader, but if you’re quick enough, two images are all it takes to destroy two enemies on the same horizontal line.

When all five levels are completed without missed shots, a new wave begins with more difficult aliens attacking faster than before!

About Space Invaders Game

Space Invaders is a vintage shooter game. Released in 1978, it was developed and published by Taito in Japan. Space Invaders is considered the forefather of all modern video games, mainly classic arcade shooters. It introduced the iconic alien creatures with yellow eyes called “Invaders.”

Since its first release, it has been released on over 100 platforms in over 150 countries. Space Invaders has garnered much success since then, its popularity continued through its release, and today is still considered one of the greatest video games of all time.


1. The game itself is simple.

You have to play the invaders and avoid colliding with them. As you go through the waves of enemies, your task is to move left or right depending on their movements and shoot them down before they reach the ground floor of ground zero where you stand at. This game has been designed for two players and up.

2. Classic arcade-style, 1978’s graphics, and sound effects.

The design of the alien invaders is truly a classic and vintage way of representing them! The yellow eyes with eight long tentacles on both sides are something that you will never get tired of seeing over and over again for hours in the end. It derives its graphics from the previous game Phoenix while using improved sound effects.

3. The Invader’s attack capability varies depending on their wave.

There are 11 waves of enemies in this Space Invaders game. Every lock has a unique approach when it comes to attacking, defending, and moving. There are six different alien invaders, each with its own very distinct way of attacking your planet.


The controls of Space Invaders are straightforward; it only has one button, which can be used to fire the laser and move around the screen.

You should use your mouse if you are playing this on a computer. The keyboard keys for movement such as WASD are applicable as well. Here’s an easy guide on how to play Space Invaders.


The people behind this vintage game are Kazutoki Ujihara and Yoshihiro Iwamoto. They worked in the development of Space Invaders for three months, starting in 1976.

This arcade game has come a long way. It was eventually released in Japan in 1978 and made its debut in the US and Europe in 1980.

Space Invaders is an arcade game developed by Taito Corporation and published in 1978, but the exact release dates are still unknown.

It was also licensed for manufacture and distribution to other companies. When Space Invaders came out, it quickly became trendy all over the world.

The simple yet addictive gameplay of this game did captivate not only the gamers but also the developers. Numerous clones and remakes have been done for this game.

How To Play Space Invaders Like Pro

There are a lot of questions about how to play the Space Invaders games on different online platforms. I will enumerate some of the most common ones here.

Step 1: Read through the Space Invaders game’s manual and FAQs.

If you think that the riddle of its simple gameplay is still unsolved for you, then read through the Space Invaders game’s manual and faqs first.

Step 2: Study how the aliens move.

It is essential to study your enemy or enemies to keep a good eye on their movement patterns in this step. Knowing the aliens’ attack capabilities can help you determine how to play the Space Invaders game with ease.

Step 3: Understand that panic won’t help, be patient instead!

If you are a beginner and still cannot win the game even with all of your studying or if you want to learn how to play Space Invaders as if you were a pro, then be patient and play the game casually. Don’t let your emotions and frustration get the better of you.

Step 4: Practice makes perfect!

If you still can’t seem to win even after all of these things, then practice is what’s for you. Try playing the Space Invaders game every day for about 10 minutes, especially when you have prepared the required amount of knowledge on the game.

Step 5: Watch videos online or play with a friend and learn from them!

Watching videos of other players playing Space Invaders may be the easiest way to learn how to play it. However, this method is not guaranteed 100%.

Playing with other players, such as your friends, is a sure way to learn because you can ask them questions regarding the game and share their experiences.

Levels Of Difficulty

There are several levels of difficulty in this game, each with its unique way of playing and attacking. The following is the list of levels from easiest to hardest: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert.

Beginner: this mode is straightforward to play because you have to move around the screen and shoot at the advancing aliens.

There are no other threats or traps that will hinder you from winning the game in this mode. You can easily win eight rounds on beginner level without much difficulty.

Intermediate: At this level, there is a bit of challenge to it because as soon as the flying saucers start approaching your planet, they break into smaller ships called “penetrators,” which are pretty difficult to hit and destroy. It’s also harder to survive the aliens’ attacks in this mode compared to beginner level.

The intermediate level is where your skills are tested!

Advanced: This level contains enemy UFO bosses who are only vulnerable at their sides or back, making it very hard for you to shoot them.

The UFO bosses will deploy attack ships that can destroy your defensive bunkers quickly. Therefore it is a must for you to take control of the situation.

Advanced level is as if you are in the war, many things can happen, and you have to be prepared!

Expert: This mode contains unbreakable UFOs which won’t break into smaller ships but will instead shoot back at you. It also has invincible bunkers and defense space mines which can destroy your invading UFO ships quickly.

You have to play very cautiously for you not to be overwhelmed by the defenses of this mode.

You must get used to the guns and shoot at the right time to win Expert level.


There are so many reasons to download the Space Invaders game. It’s a fun and addicting way to pass the time; you can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect. It has more value than other games because of its constantly evolving content and includes tutorials for new players.

If you want an entertaining game that will give you hours of entertainment, then this is your best choice!