Free Online Solitaire Quest Game - How To Play Solitaire Quest Game Like Pro (1)

Solitaire Quest Game

Free Online Solitaire Quest Game - How To Play Solitaire Quest Game Like Pro (1) Click to play
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Solitaire Quest is an incredibly addicting solitaire card game. It contains beautiful graphics and a bunch of exciting card skins. The game also has the best replay value, adding more fun to play along with every victory you have. With five expansions available for free and two in-app purchases that add 100+ new cards (including one that has only animals), this game will give you plenty of things to do, even after the initial purchase.

Free Online Solitaire Quest Game – How To Play Solitaire Quest Game Like Pro

Start the game. Choose your difficulty level (easy, average, or complex). You can also change this setting later in the game options tab.

Click on a card to select it, and then click on a space in the area below. A dragged card will stay where you dropped it, so some care is needed when dropping cards.

The first card can be discarded directly, but the rest must fulfill specific criteria. For example, you may have to discard a red seven or two cards of the same suit. The game will automatically detect whether a lot is valid and which cards must be discarded if possible.

This free solitaire card game has an excellent interface and nicely drawn graphics. The cards are colorful, and the backgrounds are pleasant.

There is an exciting selection of card designs, from modern to fantasy. The game has a good replay value, and you can keep playing for hours even after finishing it once (aside from the time needed to complete all achievements).

With its beautiful graphics and easy gameplay, Solitaire Quest is one of our top free solitaire card games, with a high addictive value and incredible replayability.

This game has two in-app purchases that add 100+ new cards (including one that has only animals) along with expansion packs for free.

These are optional, and the core game can be played without them, but they add to the gameplay experience. The second purchase unlocks everything (including the second in-app purchase), so it’s a great choice if you like this game.


  • Free solitaire game app with high-quality graphics, addicting gameplay, and plenty of achievements to complete
  • 5 expansions (each recommended by a different deck design) that add 100+ cards all for free
  • Choose your difficulty level (easy, normal, or hard) and change the setting later in the game options tab.
  • Beautiful background pictures for each difficulty level, drawn by professional artists
  • Interesting card skins: modern, fantasy, gothic, etc.


Solitaire Quest is a great free solitaire game for both beginners and experienced card players. It has beautiful graphics, high replay value and will provide you with hours of entertainment. If you like this game, Frongames also recommend the Deus Solitaire Game.