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Solitaire Online Game

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Solitaire is a classic game that has been played in one form or another for centuries. It’s simple to learn and can be played by anyone, anywhere they have access to a computer! Now you can play Solitaire online with friends at Frongames, compete against others from around the world on leaderboards, and even chat while playing with other players.

What is Solitaire?

Solitaire is also known in many countries as Patience. It’s a single-player card game. There are many variations to Solitaire, depending on how the cards are placed on the Tableau.

The goal is to arrange and collect all the cards in a predetermined order in as few moves and as fast as possible. You can also have multiple players play the game, with each player taking turns to make a move.

Historians continue to debate the origins of Solitaire. Some point to Germany and France in the 19th century, while others think it was due to Eastern European divination.

The most famous version of the game, Klondike (despite its origins), is believed to have been created in Canada’s Klondike gold rush region. It is thought that it was created and popularized by gold prospectors from the area.

Although the Solitaire Klondike was wildly popular since its inception, it only became widely available to the masses after being included in Microsoft’s Windows 3.0 software in 1990.

The simplicity of the mouse was a great way to get users familiar with its movements and mechanics at the beginning of personal computers.

The computerized Solitaire Klondike was a considerable success, removing the need to deal and shuffle the cards in each game.

Free Online Solitaire Online Game – How To Play Solitaire Online Game Like Pro

1. Click the START button to choose your difficulty and type of puzzle. You can play Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, or TriPeaks!

2. Place cards from the deck into the empty cells above the draw pile in ascending order, alternating red & black suits, with Aces placed face up, to begin with.

3. Click any exposed cards to move them onto other empty cells. If no more moves are possible, click the redeal button to draw some new cards into the hand.

4. When you’ve made all your moves, and there are no more available places to put a card in the Tableau, click “OK,” and your score will be calculated.

5. The object of most games is to move all cards into the four foundation piles according to suit and rank: for example, if the 7 of hearts were on top of the K, you would move it to a foundation pile where the next card is either the seven or an 8 of any suit.

6. If there are no more possible moves in the Tableau, click “OK,” and your score will be calculated.

Allowed Moves

Flip cards from the Stock onto Waste. Flip 1 or 3 cards from Stock onto the Waste. Options allow you to change the number.

You can move a card from Waste onto the Foundations. Drag the Waste’s top card onto one of the Foundations.

You can move a card from Waste onto Tableau. The top card from the Waste can be moved onto one of the Tableau piles.

You can move a card from a Foundation onto the Tableau. The top card from a Foundation can be moved back onto the Tableau. In all Solitaire versions, this is not allowed.

You can move one or more cards from one Tableau pile into another. If the top card of the Tableau pile is higher than the one you are moving, and it’s in a different color, then you can move the face-up card onto the next Tableau pile.

You could, for example, carry a red six onto a black 7. You can also move red 6 onto a black 7 if you have black 5 and red 4 facing up on one Tableau. You can only place one king if you have an empty Tableau pile.

A face-down Tableau card can be flipped. You can convert a face-down Tableau card by moving it from a Tableau pile.

A Tableau card can be moved onto the Foundations. If you need to clear space on the Tableau, this can be done manually. Drag the cards onto the Foundation or double-click it to move it.

Once all Tableau cards have been turned up, and all stock cards are removed, the game will move all Tableau cards onto Foundations. At that point, you’re guaranteed to win.

You can Undo as often as you wish. You can make unlimited Unidos in the game. Every Undo counts as one new move, so you need to be careful how many you use if you want to win the game as quickly as possible.

Beginner Tips

  • Practice makes perfect – learn the suits and value of each card quickly, and you’ll be able to win more games.
  • If you think it’s best for your score, redeal when there are still exposed cards in the deck rather than continuing with the game. This will give you a chance to earn bonuses by using your points more efficiently.
  • Click the card you want to move and then click a free space in the Tableau to place it there. If you’re going to use a card in its current position, click on that card first rather than clicking one of the empty spaces.


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  • Play popular classic solitaire games with a modern twist.
  • Daily challenges earn bonus points by completing daily challenge objectives. These can include finishing a set number of deals, earning perfect score bonuses, or reaching certain thresholds in other games
  • Multiplayer Integration Challenge your friends to matches, or play with the computer!
  • Leaderboards: Compare yourself with others and track your highest scores.
  • Achievements: Earn badges for winning deals & leveling up.


Solitaire Online Game is available on any web browser without installation at any time, anywhere. You are making it easy for you to play this very fun game online.