Free Online Solitaire Mahjong Game - How To Play Solitaire Mahjong Game Like Pro

Solitaire Mahjong Game

Free Online Solitaire Mahjong Game - How To Play Solitaire Mahjong Game Like Pro Click to play
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Solitaire Mahjong Game is a puzzle game designed by Blizzard Entertainment. Solitaire Mahjong game can be played for free, and Solitaire mahjong game’s license is Freeware. Frongames shows where you can download or find the full version of Solitaire Mahjong Game, shareware, Freeware, demo in PC – Games & Entertainment genre. Let’s try this game in Frongames

Free Online Solitaire Mahjong Game – How To Play Solitaire Mahjong Game Like Pro

Enjoy Solitaire Mahjong Game and many other great puzzle games on this site for free. See the download links below to visit the game developer’s official website and download Solitaire Mahjong Game directly or via the torrent program. Try another version of the following popular games: Mahjong, Free Cell, Spider Solitaire if you like this game.

Step by step to play Solitaire

Step 1: Download Solitaire Mahjong Game from the link on the page or use this search bar. 

Step 2 (optional): On this step, you can play Solitaire Mahjong Game online right through your web browser without downloading it. Play directly from your browser; no installation is needed. 

Step 3: Now, just a few easy steps, and you are enjoying your favorite puzzle game. First, run the Solitaire Mahjong Game and install it by clicking Next, Privacy Policy, then the Install button on your PC or laptop computer.  

Step 4: After that, go to My computer icon > Local Disk C > Program Files > Free download full version of Mahjong Solitaire Game and right-click on the Solitaire Mahjong Game icon and click on Properties. 

Step 5: In the new window, you can find the Solitaire Mahjong Game shortcut there. Now double click that shortcut to run this software application or game on your personal computer. Enjoy!


  • Free download full version of Solitaire Mahjong Game for PC. Free play Solitaire Mahjong Game with high-speed downloads. High performance, multi-threaded download engine
  • All desktop computers and laptop devices running Windows XP/Vista/7/8 can use this website to download Solitaire Mahjong Game for free. This website was tested on all Windows PC systems available in the market, and it works perfectly fine. 

The Tools

Mix: You can mix all the tiles to make them appear in new positions.

Hint: If you cannot see matching pairs, the hint tool can be used to generate a suggestion. The advice is not always the best move, as it usually finds the first open pair.

Undo: You can use Undo to return one step. This option is helpful if you make a mistake or want to see under another tile.

Mahjong Tips and Strategies

Look ahead is very helpful in Mahjong games. You can always see the piece that will be dealt with next and how you can fit that tile into your collection or what stays exposed without a place to go. 

Clear the top layers: To clear an entire layer (or multiple) of tiles, you should aim for a 4-of-a level up top (or, if you have Mah Jongg 13+, a three charm or better). This will clear the current layer and give you more chances to find an even more extensive set in the next.

Triples: Set of three tiles that are identical in pinyin and meaning. The most common triples are San He or Triple Green, but others exist, such as triple green/white dragon. Charm makes the most desirable set in Mahjong solitaire games and can be easily created by building one suit up to four-of-a-kind (4 of a kind), three sets of 3 identical tiles.


Solitaire Mahjong Game is perhaps the most popular puzzle game in the world. It requires many strategies and techniques to find out the right move for each kind of tile.

It would help if you had your tricks to play this game as it can be challenging at times, say even impossible, depending upon how you choose to play it. We hope that our guide can help you play this game better.