Free Online Solitaire Garden Game - How To Play Solitaire Garden Game Like Pro

Solitaire Garden Game

Free Online Solitaire Garden Game - How To Play Solitaire Garden Game Like Pro Click to play
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Solitaire Garden is a popular Chinese classic solitaire matching card game, also known as the Chinese Flower Card Game. It has three levels and five rounds with different goals that must be passed before going to another round. The mission of this game is to match all cards in order by pair. Solving the puzzles will bring many surprises. If you are searching for a challenge game, let’s try it in Frongames.

Free Online Solitaire Garden Game – How To Play Solitaire Garden Game Like Pro

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. You have to pair all cards by matching suit color and rank values, each with the next card in sequence.

The trick is that you can only move cards onto other cards of the same value or a higher value (7s can be played on eights but not sevens). If your deck runs out of cards, you can shuffle the pile to get a fresh start.

The game is over when all possible moves have been exhausted, or the player has failed to make a move for five consecutive turns.

If the player has won, all cards in the game will be highlighted. Otherwise, a unique game-over page is shown with an unhappy sunflower picture and text that says, “It’s not easy to match the world!

The top reasons why Solitaire Garden TriPeaks Story is so popular:

  • It is easy to learn and easy to master.
  • Many gardens offer a variety of challenges.
  • Every 2 hours, harvest your crops to earn tons of coins and booster rewards.
  • Each day, you can earn free bonuses by logging in to your game.
  • A tiny bonus game for every eight levels
  • You can collect 40 adorable pets and receive all kinds of rewards.
  • It’s completely free to download and use
  • Login to Facebook to track your game progress


The solitaire garden online gameplay is pretty good, and it’s not hard to master the basics with a bit of patience. It has three levels suitable for different players simultaneously, which makes you feel sports challenge in each group. We hope that our guide can help you play this game better.