Free Online Solitaire Daily Challenge Game - How To Play Solitaire Daily Challenge Game Like Pro

Solitaire Daily Challenge Game

Free Online Solitaire Daily Challenge Game - How To Play Solitaire Daily Challenge Game Like Pro Click to play
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Solitaire Daily Challenge Game is a challenging solitaire game. Good news for those keen on card games – here is a chance to experience playing offline without losing real money! The rules are simple: place the cards in the order of 1-13, and don’t forget that you have four suites, all with different colors: black, red, green, and blue.

You win when you can sort all of your cards. Playing this game is super easy because there are no complex rules to remember, nothing that would make you feel uncomfortable about the game or get yourself in trouble! Start playing and see what fun it can bring in Frongames!

Free Online Solitaire Daily Challenge Game – How To Play Solitaire Daily Challenge Game Like Pro

1. Your task is to arrange 1-13 on the four piles by suit, from Ace to King, and in order within each case. You will see your progress as you place these cards.

2. The tableau piles are located on the left side of the screen: select a card or drag one from the stockpile to place this card on the tableau piles.

3. The Stockpile is located at the bottom of the screen: drag a card from it to place this card onto any tableau pile, or drag a single uncovered King from the stock into one of its empty spaces.

4. To move cards within an area, click and hold your cursor on the card you wish to move and drag it into a new position.

5. To renumber a sequence of cards, click once on any of them, then use the control N key to change their order: each time you press this key, the next card will become 1, following – 2, etc. You can use this feature to put some cards on top of the others or sort them by their value.

6. The stockpile in the bottom right corner is permanently unavailable for review until you have completed all tableau piles and cleared some space on it.

7. You can use the Hint button if you want, but be aware that using this option might ruin your game! Don’t forget that you need to win to get to a new level and unlock more exciting challenges.

8. You can see your progress at the bottom of the screen: it will show a total number of cards, number of moves, and task completion percentage.

9. If you are stuck and cannot figure out what to do next don’t think too hard! You can always use Undo button, which will take you back one level (to the previous successful move).

10. Your progress is stored, so if you want to continue your game in a few minutes or even hours, click the Leave option located at the bottom of the screen and come back anytime soon.

11. Complete each level to unlock the next one. In the beginning, you will play with Ace cards, then two, and so on.

12. This game has a fast level selection option, it’s located at the top of the screen and allows you to change your current level quickly. The higher number will activate more complex challenges that require advanced skills to pass.

13. Good luck! Enjoy the game, use your skills to beat it, and share it with your friends.


This game is designed to give you an easy and exciting experience to help you learn more about playing this type of card game.

It is also an excellent opportunity for those looking for online solitaire games that can be played on any computer or mobile device without downloading anything. This game offers you the possibility to start it up and play whenever you want!

All software available on this site comes with 30 days money-back guarantee, so feel free to download it, use it, and if you are not happy with the product quality, contact us for a refund. We will gladly give your money back if you don’t like our products or you have a valid reason for that. It is that simple!


This game is excellent in many ways, but it also has some disadvantages, so before you decide to play it, make sure that you are ready for a long and complex challenge. This is not an easy solitaire app with funny graphics like we used to compare them before. If you want a real challenge – this is one of the best choices you can make.