Free Online Slice The Rope Game - How To Play Slice The Rope Game Like Pro

Slice The Rope Game

Free Online Slice The Rope Game - How To Play Slice The Rope Game Like Pro Click to play
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Slice The Rope is a free game available on the App Store for iPhones and iPads. In this game, you must cut ropes to feed Om Nom, who can only eat sweets that are touching his mouth. There are three types of candies in the game: blue (easy), green (medium), and red (hard).

You advance levels by cutting more and more ropes with each successful attempt, but if you make too many mistakes or your score does not meet an objective threshold, then it’s game over. Let’s try it at Frongames with us.

Slice The Rope Game Overview

The gameplay is addictive, and the difficulty level rises with each passing stage. The gameplay has been designed to give users a feeling of frustration to keep coming back for more, trying harder each time. You must plan your moves carefully to succeed.

What I found odd about this game was the inability to return to a previously played level. I could not find any way to access the levels I had already finished regardless of whether or not I used up all my life.

At first, this bothered me, but now that I’ve gotten further into the game and have discovered more power-ups and special candies (like bombs), it makes sense that you would want to move on to more challenging levels.

Free Online Slice The Rope Game – How To Play Slice The Rope Game Like Pro

1. Choosing an Easy level for this demo is the first level in the game and shows you how to play without using any power-ups or special candy.

2. Om Nom will be at the bottom of the screen waiting for you to feed him candy by cutting ropes.

3. To cut a rope, slide your finger to trace the shape of the candy and then release your finger.

4. In no time, Om Nom will be eating candy!

5. Cut all ropes that are hanging for Om Nom to eat as much as possible within 60 seconds, or else it’s do-over!

Tips for Beginner

  • In the later levels, you will be required to cut three or more ropes simultaneously. This proves to be very challenging on more complex levels.
  • The only way to increase your score is by giving Om Nom the candy he is expecting!
  • You can get extra points by hitting green stars that appear on the screen periodically during each level.
  • When you cut the ropes, all the candy falls to the bottom. Then you have a limited amount of time to stack them back up into Om Nom’s mouth. If you don’t make it in time, all your hard work is for nothing, and you lose!
  • You can use bombs on red stars, which will temporarily remove them from the playing field. This helps you score more points by giving Om Nom extra pieces of candy without worrying about the star for a little while.
  • To use bombs, first tap on one of your magic bubbles in the upper left corner and then select a star that you’d like to remove from play using a bomb. Then place the bomb in the center of a few stars and tap it to make them disappear!


  • There are over 20,000 uniquely designed levels that will increase in difficulty as you go.
  • You have three lives to complete each level, with one extra life granted when you reach certain score thresholds.
  • There is an option to watch a video to gain an extra life, or you can spend coins earned in-game to buy more lives.
  • With each level, Om Nom becomes hungrier and hungrier.
  • Three brand new characters are now available as playable options! There is Munch, Lulu, and Doggos that all present different challenges.
  • There is now an electrifying power that will shock your candy if you touch it!
  • There are several new types of objects that can appear on the playing field: locks, bombs, and rotating platforms.
  • Some minor bug fixes have been implemented to improve the overall gaming experience on Android.


Slice The Rope Game Online is a game with a brilliant interface, addictive gameplay, and challenging missions that will keep you occupied for hours at a time. After just 10 minutes of playing this game, I was utterly addicted to it.