Free Online Shuriken Block - How To Play Shuriken Block Like Pro

Shuriken Block

Free Online Shuriken Block - How To Play Shuriken Block Like Pro Click to play
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If you have ever played shuriken block games as a child, the chances are during recess. Like many other games of the time, this one has been passed down from generation to generation and is now a favorite among children and adults alike.

The game’s object is to knock over your opponent’s blocks by throwing your own in their direction. This can be done with two or more players, and once the blocks are knocked over, they cannot be moved again until all rounds of play are complete. The first person who knocks their opponent’s last block off wins!

About Shuriken Block Game

Shuriken Block is a 3D action game that involved ninja star shooting. It is your task to protect the city from danger using your sharp ninja skills.

Swinging your sword, throwing shurikens, and grinding on rails are some of the actions you will do during this exciting adventure. And don’t forget to collect all the gold coins that you can get.

New Version (V 2.0) of Shuriken Block

A new version with many cool features in this mobile game like HATRACKS, HD GRAPHICS, and NINJUTSU MOVES added to it. There are also new characters added in this latest version.

New Characters

There are five new characters added in the game, which is mentioned below:

1. Block Ninja

2. Wild Samurai

3. Space Cowboy

4. Fire Phoenix

5. Cyber Ninja

This mobile game was developed using Construct 2 with 100% custom graphics and sounds and Kongregate API for scoring and achievements. You can move your ninja and throw shurikens on the screen using touch gestures. This game is supported for both Android and iOS devices.


1. Online scoring system and achievements

2. Original graphics by using Construct 2 (100% custom) and sprite sheets images in it

3. Music is included in the game, which can be paused or changed anytime.

4. The mobile game will work smoothly on any browser.

5. Developed using Construct 2 with 100% custom graphics and sounds and Kongregate API for scoring and achievements

6. Game was tested on some of the latest android devices by using the Phonegap Build service, which makes it compatible with any device with internet access. If you face any problems while playing this game on mobile, please let us know in the comments below to rectify them.


You can control the game using these gestures:

1. To move your ninja, swipe on the screen in any direction you want to move it

2. To easily throw shurikens on green cubes, tap anywhere on the cube, and it will be destroyed. Yellow cubes are destructible, too, but with a little more effort as compared to green cubes. Tap and hold for a while on the yellow cube to destroy it

3. To switch tracks, tap on the screen, and you will switch channels at the same time

4. While playing this game and if you are lucky enough, you may encounter a star power icon, which makes your ninja jump much higher

For more information about controls, please check out the tutorial inside the game.


The game is developed by Skipper, who was born and raised in a beautiful country called the Philippines. He loves to play games of all types, and he also loves to share them with everyone.

How To Play Shuriken Block Like Pro

If you are new to this game, do not worry. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the tutorial in this game by tapping on the “?” button located on the bottom right corner of your screen.

2. On the tutorial page, one video and one written step will show you how to play this mobile version of shuriken block. Read the bottom section of this page for some tips and tricks on how to play the game.

3. If you are already familiar with this mobile version of shuriken block, just hit the ready button right above Block Ninja to start playing it immediately.

4. Two players best play this mobile game on two devices. For now, you can play it with your friend anywhere they are by using the matchmaking feature of the game.

5. In future versions, there will be many other characters and exciting updates that are yet to come.

6. Enjoy playing this excellent mobile version of the ninja star throwing action game with millions of people from all over the world.

Level Of Difficulty

This mobile game is not just easy to play but also easy to learn and quick to master. If you are a new player, you will probably need a few tries before getting into it.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced fan of this old-school shuriken throwing action game, you will be able to complete all tracks in this mobile version of it on one try.

This game is very suitable for kids too as there are no ads inside the game, and also, it does not need internet access 24/7, which means if your kid has a tablet or smartphone with them, they can play it anytime, anywhere.


How many levels does this game have?

This mobile version has four-level, and each one of them contains three different tracks. If you are familiar with shuriken block, you will enjoy playing this game more than you did on your PC.

There is no other version of shuriken block or any other game using this name on the play store. Still, we have included some screenshots in our video to prove that this mobile version is an excellent, easy-to-learn, and free online version of one of the most popular computer games recently.

How long is each level?

Each level contains three different tracks, which you have to complete to win the game. Although each group is made from the same set of cubes, they are not all equal, and you could take hours or even days to finish them all.

If you are a new player, we suggest that you do not try it on your tablet but instead on your smartphone as this game is perfect for it because of its simple design and controls are easy to handle.

How can I play this with my friend who is in another part of the world?

This game has a matchmaking feature that allows you to find your friends online and then challenge them to play this game. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the matchmaking button, which is located just above the ready button on the start page of the mobile game.

In this friendly online multiplayer, your friends will also have an option to invite their other friends so that they too can join the fun right away.

Can I play this game on any of my devices?

For now, you can play it with your friend anywhere they are by using the matchmaking feature of the game. As we mentioned earlier that this mobile version would be available for all your devices and operating systems. In other words, if you install it on your tablet or smartphone, you will be able to play it from anywhere and anytime.


You may be looking for a new game to play on your phone. Maybe you are just bored or want something fun to do with friends. If so, I recommend downloading the shuriken block app from iOS App Store or Google Play store today!

This exciting and fun endless runner will keep you coming back for more as it changes all of the time and offers great replay value because you can also play against other people in head-to-head multiplayer online battles.

Frongames has many games like this one, making them my favorite place to spend some downtime when I need a break from work or am waiting at home for someone else.