Free Online Ship The Sheep - How To Play Ship The Sheep Like Pro

Ship The Sheep

Free Online Ship The Sheep - How To Play Ship The Sheep Like Pro Click to play
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We are excited to announce the release of our new game, Ship the Sheep! This is a fun and easy way to learn about how ships move on water. You can use your mouse or finger to steer the boat across the water, collecting sheep along the way.

If you collect all of them in time, you’ll win! The goal for Ship, the Sheep, is similar to that of many other games: get as far as possible without crashing into an obstacle.

However, with this game specifically, you must also avoid hitting any sheep that may be swimming nearby. Go ahead and try it out now – we hope you enjoy playing our latest creation!

About Ship The Sheep Game

Ship The Sheep is an addicting and entertaining game. In this game, you need to get the sheep into the pen by using your mouse to drop objects on it.

This is not an easy task because you have only limited drops, and many things can come between you and completing your mission. You will find yourself coming back to play this game repeatedly as you try out different strategies.

With each level, the difficulty increases, and to complete the mission successfully, you need to have the perfect strategy. This article will help you learn the best techniques of playing the Ship The Sheep game online.


The game is straightforward, and it does not have any special features. However, the different levels keep coming from time to time, making it enjoyable to return again and again.

You will find different blocks in each level, such as ice blocks, crumbling blocks, etc. You can use these objects to drop on the sheep.


The controls are straightforward. It would help if you used a mouse only.


This game is developed by Armor Games, which has been in the gaming industry for more than ten years. It creates some of the best online games in every field, including action, puzzle, arcade, and many more.

How To Play Ship The Sheep Like Pro?

You need to work hard and come up with different strategies to complete each level successfully. Having said this, you must follow these steps:

1. Try to find an ice block on every level of the game. You will find a lot of these blocks in Antarctica levels too. It does not matter if you can only find one or two of them.

2. Drop the ice block on the sheep after making sure that you have entered it correctly. Do not panic if you do not land your blocks perfectly, as you will get some bonus points for them.

3. You need to plan out a strategy and determine how many ice blocks you will require for the level. There are some levels where you can only find one block, and in such a case, you will have to make sure that your strategy is perfect so that no sheep makes it through.

4. Whenever you drop the ice blocks on a place that another sheep have already used, they will break into pieces and fall, increasing your chances of landing another block.

5. Try to get as many bonus points as possible by jumping multiple ice blocks from a single place that freezes all the sheep or by freezing several stacks at once. Only then will you be able to complete the levels efficiently and with excellent scores.

Level Of Difficulty

The game gets more and more difficult with each passing level. You will find ice blocks everywhere in the higher levels, which may be very difficult to handle. You can watch a video of Ship The Sheep game tutorial on youtube to know how to play Ship The Sheep like a pro.


What is the best way to train this skill?

The answer is simple, play the game regularly, and you will develop a sense of when to drop blocks on which stack of sheep. Once you get hold of this sense, it gets far easier for you to complete levels.

Which level do I need to master before challenging others?

You can challenge others once you have mastered Antarctica because the most challenging level of Ship The Sheep is Antarctica, and if you finish all the stories in this mode, then it does not matter what level you challenge.

What is the catch?

There is no catch here, and everything works according to simple principles of physics. If you find any such net, please drop a comment below, and we will be happy to address your query.


Ship the Sheep is one of those games that you can play over and over again without ever feeling like it’s getting old. It has more fun and constantly evolving features, as well as a competitive mode to challenge your friends on the same device or online with Facebook Connect.

If this sounds interesting, we recommend downloading the game here. Frongames is an excellent place to find much other great fun when you want something relaxing!