Free Online Sharks Can Fly - How To Play Sharks Can Fly Like Pro

Sharks Can Fly

Free Online Sharks Can Fly - How To Play Sharks Can Fly Like Pro Click to play
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The Sharks Can Fly Game is a new take on the classic arcade game – with realistic graphics and gameplay. In the game, sharks can fly, but they must avoid obstacles such as walls, platforms, and spikes to ensure their survival.

This fun and addictive game are great for all ages! You can play solo or compete against friends in multiplayer mode.

The Sharks Can Fly Game was created by two brothers who wanted an easier-to-play arcade-style game that appealed to more people than other games typically do. Whether you’re looking for something entertaining or competitive, this is the perfect addition to your gaming collection!

About Sharks Can Fly Game

Sharks Can Fly is an excellent game for Mac and PC when you need to relieve some pressure. The flying fish has a mission – to avoid the sharks from eating him while collecting all the tasty fruits on your way.

This arcade challenging game will keep your concentration far away from any everyday stress or problems. Enjoy!


1. It’s a fun and challenging arcade game with an underwater setting;

2. You should eat all the fruits on your way, but you must avoid being eaten by sharks;

3. Sharks Can Fly comes with five worlds, 60 challenging levels to complete to beat the story mode, and each new level is more complex than the previous one;

4. The game is available for free online.


A mouse controls the game.


Jim Turner has developed this arcade challenging game, and it was published at Big Fish Games for Mac OS X in 2008. This classic retro game can be played directly from your browser, without any annoying ads or popups.

How To Play Sharks Can Fly Like Pro

To gain points in the Sharks Can Fly game, you should eat all the delicious fruits on your way. But be careful not to crash into any sea animals. All sharks move randomly, except for the killer shark – it moves towards you, so try not to run into him!

If you go through an entire level without bumping into anything or being eaten by a shark, you will move on to the next level. Each completed level unlocks more challenging ones.

Levels Of Difficulty

The game consists of 5 worlds with 60 levels in total. Click here to see what difficulty is for each planet and find out which one suits your skills!


1. What can be done if this game doesn’t work?

Sharks Can Fly can be played in any modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7+). The latest versions of browsers run the games faster and more smoothly.

If you experience problems playing this game on your computer or other devices – please get in touch with the developer’s support service to quickly solve the problem!

2. Which devices does it work on?

The game is suitable for any Mac or PC with a web browser installed. The game can also be played on iPhone, iPad (iOS), and most Android devices.

3. Does this game contain advertising or pop-ups?

No, the arcade challenging game Sharks Can Fly is free to play online without additional software or plug-ins.

4. What is the source of images and sounds used in this game?

All images and sounds are copyrighted. The sound effects in this arcade challenging game were made by Flashkit library, and they are available for free download on their official website. All pictures in Sharks Can Fly are licensed under Creative Commons.


Sharks Can Fly is a game that has an exciting premise and creates more fun than frustration. You can play against your friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, adding a social element to this mobile app.

The best part of this game is how it constantly evolves with new challenges as you progress through levels. Sharks can fly may not be perfect, but we give it 4 out of 5 stars for its unique gameplay and value!

Should you download sharks can fly? We recommend downloading frongames to make sure it is the right choice for you!