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Shape is a game that tests your spatial reasoning skills. In this game, you are given a shape and find the same condition in an adjacent grid.

You can click on any square in the grid, and it will show you what is in that square and its orientation, whether it be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

The goal of the Shape Game is to find all instances of the shape within 10 seconds. If you beat your previous time, then congratulations! Your score goes up by one point! This process repeats until there are no more shapes left to find.

I’m sure that some people have played this before, but for those who haven’t, I highly recommend checking out Shape Game because it’s challenging, fun, and free!

About Shape Game

Shape game is a fun and addictive online game perfect for Android or PC. It’s a challenging puzzle where you need to combine shapes of the same color into bigger ones and remove them from the board.

A simple yet appealing concept that will keep you playing over again. The main objective of this game is to fill up the entire board with one single shape.

Setting up to play is simple where you need to connect four or more blocks of the same color in a row, and they will be removed from the board. The fun part of this game is that once connected.

All shapes will move as one, making it easy to get big chunks out of the board. There are different shapes to choose from, but there are also many different modes to play in.


1. Simple and easy to pick-up concept

2. Charming graphics

3. Four different modes to play in

4. Different difficulty levels to choose from


To control the game, all you need is your mouse or computer keyboard, such as using arrow keys on a desktop:

  • Use SPACE or CTRL to start or select levels
  • LEFT and RIGHT arrows can rotate shapes clockwise
  • UP arrow can rotate shapes counterclockwise.
  • DOWN arrow will drop current shape, no matter how big it is


Shape Game was developed by, which has a long history of making puzzle games such as the 2048 online game.

How To Play Shape Like Pro

1. Connect four or more blocks of the same color in a row, and they will be removed from the board

2. You can only move one shape at a time, so plan your moves carefully

3. Once you have completed a level, will award you with three pieces of the star which are used to unlock other modes

4. As you progress through levels, shapes will move around the board a lot faster!

Levels of Difficulty

There are four different difficulty levels, and each time you complete one, it unlocks a new mode with more giant puzzles to solve! Here they are:

Normal Mode – Aim to clear the board by completing each level. Once you have completed a level, follow and land on the next one until all shapes disappear!

Hard Mode – There is a time limit on how long you can move the shapes, so plan your moves carefully! Time will decrease each time you complete a block. Once time has finished, the blocks will start to move!

Sprint Mode – Aim for the top rank as you compete with other players online and try to beat their scores in this challenging mode. There is no time limit here, but shapes will be moving around a lot faster!

Zen Mode – A soft play where you can play without worrying about levels and time. Just play the game at your own pace!


The shape is the perfect game to release pressure and have fun with friends. It’s a puzzle game that challenges you to create forms by tapping on tiles of different colors.

The goal is simple, get as many points while doing it! In addition, each time you play the shape game becomes more challenging because new colored pieces are added to the board, which means there are more ways for your scorecard to go up or down.

If this sounds like something worth downloading, head over here and download now!