Free Online Santas Helpers Game - How To Play Santas Helpers Game Like Pro

Santas Helpers Game

Free Online Santas Helpers Game - How To Play Santas Helpers Game Like Pro Click to play
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Do you want to help Santa in his workshop? Santas Helpers Game is a fun new game for kids of all ages. Your task is to help the elves collect gifts and deliver them to their corresponding chimneys on Christmas Eve. You will need your keen eye, a steady hand, and quick reflexes if you want to be the best helper! 

Santas Helpers Game was just released in December 2018. It’s a simple yet challenging game where players are required to select two objects from one list (e.g., apples and oranges) from another (e.g., fruits). If you need a fun game for relaxing time, then it was designed for you; let’s try this game at Frongames now. 

Free Online Santas Helpers Game – How To Play Santas Helpers Game Like Pro

Step 1: Click the “play now” button to play this game. 

 Step 2: You need to select two objects (from another list) from one list. 

Step 3: Try to collect gifts and deliver them to chimneys on Christmas eve!.

Step 4: If you are ready, click “Go” then the game will start.

Step 5: You can pause or quit at any time by using buttons in the bottom-Right corner.

Step 6: If you want to play again, click the “Play Again” button.


  • Simple to learn, but hard to master. 
  • Stylish graphics and sounds. 
  • Suitable for all ages from 4 years old kids.
  • Supported languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese, French & German. 


Santas Helpers Game is a free game for kids and adults; it’s an addictive game. If you like this game, share this post with all your friends and have fun! We hope our post can help you know more about a fun game.