Free Online Run Pig Run - How To Play Run Pig Run Like Pro

Run Pig Run

Free Online Run Pig Run - How To Play Run Pig Run Like Pro Click to play
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The run pig run game is a new interactive game that has been created by the gaming company Piggy Brain. The idea behind this marketing campaign came about when one of their employees was running late for work and saw a pig crossing the street.

To make it on time, he had to chase after the porker before reaching the intersection. It got him thinking: what if there were a video game where you could be just like him? And so, they set out to create this fun, fast-paced adventure!

About Run Pig Run Game

It is a 2-dimensional platform game with the character of a pig running. The game has three different modes: level mode, time attack mode, and endless run mode.

In Endless Run Mode, there are four hundred random levels. Just enjoy the journey from grassland to the jungle through twenty different terrains like desert and tundra in the Level Mode.

The game is designed for the player to deny the desire to fight back and run forward. To overcome obstacles, you are supposed to jump over them instead of destroying or fighting with them so that it is a running game without physical contact. An additional rule is added to each mode to raise its difficulty level continuously from one way to another.

A scoring star will appear in level mode if you manage to finish the level without touching any obstacle. The number of score stars gives some scores for you in time attack and endless run modes.

A combo is gained when many score stars are gathered in one round of endless runs, which can be exchanged for valuable items that help the interminable run.

You will be timed when you fall, or an obstacle hits you in time attack and endless run modes. Since there are only three lives given for a round of continuous runs, the challenge is more complex if you turn on the “hardcore mode,” which means that your character should crush into walls to get a life to survive.

In addition, you can also get more lives by collecting bonus items that can be found on the way and getting higher scores in time attacks and endless run modes.


  • A new experience of running.
  • More than 400 levels.
  • Time record function in time attack mode.


Left/Right to move, Down to jump, and Space to turn on or off hardcore mode. In hardcore mode, you earn a living when you crush into walls instead of collecting bonus items like getting extra life, earning a score, or getting a heart.

If you don’t like the hardcore mode, please switch it off by tapping on the screen when the game starts.


Small Awesome Games develop run Pig Run.

How To Play

First of all, you should start to play with the accessible mode until you get used to it and have some confidence in playing a game with such a different rule opposite to other similar kinds of games. This kind of character movement can be learned or trained just in ten to fifteen minutes.

So don’t worry if you find it difficult at first, because the game’s difficulty level is designed as follows: It gets harder and harder as you go further in a mode. In other words, the challenges should be solved through constantly practicing instead of learning some new skills from scratch.


How many levels are there in the game?

Approximately 4,000 levels (400 levels in each mode).

What kinds of items or powers can I get until now?

The kinds include extra lives, score stars, heart, and booster jump, which all help you grow your character.

What are the game’s difficulty levels?

The game currently has three modes: level mode, time attack mode, and endless run mode. Each method has its own rules to ensure you get different experiences when playing them one by one. We plan to add new rules or features in the future versions of the game to enhance your fun.

What is the highest score I can make in level mode?

In Level Mode, you are supposed to get all three stars on a level without dying. If you finish a level perfectly, your total score will be 1000 points. Even if you fail once or twice in the middle of a group, your total score will still be above 300 points.


If you are looking for a game that will offer hours of fun and mental stimulation, run pig run is the perfect one.

Experts have designed this app in neuroscience to help improve your memory skills while at the same time being an entertaining way to spend some free time with friends or family members. It’s easy enough for beginners but challenging enough for more advanced players.

Best part? You can play against other people on their devices, locally on the same machine, or even online through Facebook connect! Download it now if you haven’t already from App Store here!