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Ever been outside with your friends and family, playing games that require a lot of rope? Did you know there’s now a game free from this requirement? Rope Free Game is an exciting new outdoor game for all ages. It has just enough strategy to keep everyone on their toes but not so much that it becomes too complicated.

The game starts by having one person toss the ball in the air while the others count how many times it bounces before catching it on their side of the net.

If they’re correct, they can throw the ball back up and catch it again; if they’re off, then whoever was closest to guessing correctly gets to go next!

About Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is an online puzzle video game developed by ZeptoLab for iOS and Android. It was released in July 2010 on Apple App Store, and it has been downloaded over 1 Billion times, making it one of the most popular games ever created.


Cut the Rope features a storyline that follows the adventures of the three-year-old Om Nom, who comes from a candy world called Candylicious.

As you progress through the game, you will see how he makes his way to the real world, and this is where you will step in.

The game has colorful visuals created using hand drawings and relaxing background music that can keep you focused when playing the game.


The game is available for Android and iOS devices; it was developed for iOS on July 12, 2010, and came out for Android on September 14, 2011. If you are the type of person who likes to try new things, we recommend that you get it for iOS devices which will give you a better gaming experience.

How To Play Rope Free Game Like Pro

To get ahead in the game, you need to develop your skills and find standard solutions to help you out at each level. This is why we want to share some tips with you that will help you get the best results in Cut the Rope.

1- Start from manageable levels and practice

Cut the Rope offers many complex challenges, so you have to start at a more manageable level to be successful. If you are trying to pass challenging levels and are constantly failing, it’s better to go back to a few stories and get the hang of things. Practice makes perfect, so keep practicing until you can find a solution for each level.

2- Think outside of the box

The truth is that there isn’t always just one right way for getting past these levels, so in some cases, you will have to try other options. Some stories can be completed either by using the candy or one of the monsters (that are moving around). The key is to pay close attention to each level and think outside of the box to get ahead.

3- Try new approaches and experiment

The truth is that many people tend to use trial and error when it comes to finding solutions, but this isn’t always the best method. You can smartly solve each level by practicing and thinking outside of the box, and then, later on, you will find out that some of your ideas are the correct answers to these levels.

4- Use hints whenever necessary

There are two kinds of hints that can be given in Cut the Rope. The first kind is a hint you will get for free by feeding one of the monsters with candy, and the second is a super hint. This second option can be purchased using in-game coins or collected during special events. If you are stuck at any level, it’s better to use a hint to get past it.

5- Take advantage of the superpowers that Om Nom gets

Throughout your progress in Cut the Rope, you will come across many superpowers that can be used at certain times.

For example, if you feed candy to the frog monster, this creature will spit out a rope that Om Nom can use to reach the sweet. To get ahead, you need to know when and how to use these superpowers so that they can help you solve each level.

Cut the Rope to Drop the Candy!

In terms of gameplay, you need to follow Om Nom’s instructions at each level. To eat, he has to collect all the candy, and in most cases, the location of this candy is not directly in front of him.

The main goal for each level is to cut a rope that will lead the candy to Om Nom’s mouth. A lot of these levels are pretty tricky, and only one right solution exists for each group.

Take on Harder and Harder Levels

If you are a person who likes to challenge yourself, then this is a suitable game for you. In Cut the Rope, there are over 250 levels that will make things difficult for you as the progress moves along.

The good news is that after each level you complete, you will have access to some of these superpowers that Om Nom gets on occasion, so even on challenging levels, you can receive some additional help.


Is Cut the Rope 2 free?

The first game in this series was free, but the second one costs money. This is true for Android and iOS users, so if you want to play Cut the Rope 2, you need to pay a certain amount of money.

How do you play to cut the rope on the computer?

If you want to play this game, you need to have a mobile device that supports Android or iOS. In other words, Cut the Rope can only be played on smartphones and tablets, not computers.

How many levels are there in Cut the Rope?

There are hundreds of levels for both the first and second installments in this series, so you will have to pay for more levels if you want to continue playing.

The game can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so if you want to play it, you need to get this app on your smartphone or tablet device.


You’ve read about the different ways to relax on your phone. We mentioned a few games that you can play for free, but if none of those sound like something you want to try, we recommend trying Rope Free.

This game is designed with relaxation in mind. It has more fun and constantly evolving levels which means that there will always be new challenges waiting for you at every turn.

Plus, it also features Facebook connect, so you can enjoy playing against friends on the same device or online! Download this app today and see how much better life feels when all of your worries wash away as soon as they appear – thanks to rope-free!