Free Online Room Makeover Game - How To Play Room Makeover Game Like Pro

Room Makeover Game

Free Online Room Makeover Game - How To Play Room Makeover Game Like Pro Click to play
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The Room Makeover Game is a fun game that allows you to create your virtual room and decorate it with various furniture, wallpaper, paint colors, and more. It’s the perfect way to spend time on the weekend if you’re looking for something creative to do!

Room Makeover Game Overview

The Room Makeover Game is suitable for kid that you could say teaches players how to create and organize their virtual rooms and decorate them with furniture and wallpaper.

Wherever you place the furniture in your room, a footprint will appear on the floor, so you know exactly where it goes if you plan to move it later.

The app is made so that players can directly go into the room they want to redecorate instead of going through a book or collection of rooms like in some similar apps.

Free Online Room Makeover Game – How To Play Room Makeover Game Like Pro

The first thing you do is choose what you want to decorate, either a room (your own choice from 10+ rooms) or a furniture collection (3 collections of 8 items each).

Once you have chosen what you will create and decorate, you will be able to pick out the walls, flooring, furniture, and more.

There are many options on the right side of the screen that allows you to change colors, patterns, shapes/diameters of objects, and transparency of each one.

You can also move furniture around individually if you want it in a different spot (this can also be done in groups). The game gives you multiple choices of styles for furniture and decorations if you want something different.

There is also a magnet tool that lets you easily place objects on areas of your walls in which they will automatically stick.

When you have finished decorating, the Room Makeover Game offers a preview to allow you to see your creation and make any last-minute changes.


  • A unique combination of creativity and logic that is inspired by other similar games. A friendly and easy-to-use interface full of colors, shapes, and options.
  • Four different modes: room makeover, furniture collection, drag & drop objects, or sort objects in groups.
  • Five types of wallpapers, three types of flooring, seven different pieces of furniture, and five types of things that let players create a collection or room according to their preferences.


If you are looking to create your room, this is the perfect game for you! It offers hours of fun and a chance to express yourself and become more creative. You can play Room Makeover Game online for free online at Frongames.