Free Online Red Riding Hood Run - How To Play Red Riding Hood Run Like Pro

Red Riding Hood Run

Free Online Red Riding Hood Run - How To Play Red Riding Hood Run Like Pro Click to play
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The game Red Riding Hood Run is an addictive, fast-paced running game for mobile devices. It was released by the company Gamez on October 10th, 2019.

The game’s story follows a young girl who has to run through the forest and avoid obstacles to make it home before her grandmother’s bedtime.

As she runs, she will collect powerups like apples and carrots while dodging objects such as trees and rocks were thrown at her by animals such as bears or wolves.

The player can choose between three different difficulties: easy, medium, or hard mode with varying difficulty levels in each one. This makes this game perfect for all ages to play!

About Red Riding Hood Run Game

About Red Riding Hood Run Game. You have to save the game and run because you are running from the beast in the red riding hood’s house. The wolf has started chasing you.

If he catches you, then it’s your over. You can also help yourself by jumping over things like trees etc., that are on your way to escape from the wolf.

The game is pretty simple and addictive. Its controls are also easy to understand, and you can win easily if your reflexes with the jumping are good, but once you have seen a wolf chasing from behind, it’s terrifying as well.


1. The game is addicting, but you have to be fast because the wolf is also on a race with you.

2. High-quality graphics will not make you feel bored while playing this game. 3 . Different levels of difficulty – easy, medium, and problematic (you can choose your level while creating a new game)

4. Easy to understand controls

5. Free online (you can play it from any place and anytime).

How To Play Red Riding Hood Run Like Pro

If you want to become a pro in playing this game, follow the few steps below.

1. Play the game on accessible mode (just for practice). This will take you only a few minutes to complete if you know how to play correctly. So be careful while playing on accessible mode because it’s easy but not that easy.

2 . First of all, select which level you want, and then start with medium difficulty (I would recommend this one because it’s easy to complete but not that famous).

3 . While playing on medium difficulty, first of all, jump over the house and then keep jumping in between trees. But be careful how you are jumping; otherwise, the wolf will catch you.

4 . While playing on medium level, try to collect all the three stars while jumping. But don’t jump on them because if you do, then you will die.

5 . Do it as fast as possible otherwise wolf will catch you. It would help if you also were careful about the time because there is a limit to how much time you have to complete the level.

Level Of Difficulty


This level is clear for beginners. But even if you have a lot of knowledge about playing this game, still it’s good to start playing on accessible mode because beginners need more time to practice and get familiar with the controls, etc.

Once you are used to the controls and how this gameplay works, you can try the medium or hard mode. But first of all, play in an accessible way to get used to the game and how it works.


At this level, you have to run from the wolf, but there is a time limit. So if you are playing on medium difficulty, then, first of all, save your game so that you can quickly reload your game if any accident happens.


This is the most complex level because there is no time limit, and you have to run very fast otherwise wolf will catch you.

You can also lose by falling from a tree or house. So first of all, save your game before starting playing this level so that if any accident happens, like falling, you are safe.


If you’re looking for a new game to play, we recommend downloading the red riding hood run app. This is an action-packed and fun adventure that constantly evolves with new levels.

You can also compete against friends on the same device or online via Facebook connect. Frongames is one of the most websites which provides games like this, so be sure to check them out!