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Rebel Thumb

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The Rebel Thumb Game is a new mobile game from the famous “Rebel Thumb” app makers. It’s one-part trivia and two parts strategy, with a bit of added difficulty for good measure.

The goal is to get your thumbs as close together as possible on each side of the screen to earn points. You can even play against friends or other players online!

This blog post will give you some tips that will help you beat all of your opponents. These are tips we’ve found helpful while playing this addictive game!

About Rebel Thumb Game

The Rebel Thumb game is an online skill-based video game that involves moving your thumb on the screen of your Android device or IOS portable.

The challenge in this game is to throw ninja stars from a fixed point at targets that come towards you one after the other. You first have to choose which character out of three you want to play.

Next, you have to choose between three skill levels that determine the number of enemies approaching you on a single story. The higher your skills rank is, the harder it becomes as the targets will come towards you faster and more frequently; therefore, making it hard for you to hit them on time.

You also get to choose from three different characters who play differently. The character you choose will change the movement of your thumb depending on whether you select a ninja, warrior, or wandering princess.


The game is played using only a single finger. Moving your thumb from the fixed point will cause your character to shoot the stars at targets that come towards it in different directions. The three characters have various movements, but all of them involve rubbing your thumb on the screen.

To move with ninja, you have to quickly rub-down the screen. To proceed with a warrior, you have to regularly rub up and down the screen, while for a princess, you have to slide your thumb quickly across all parts of the screen.


The game is developed by a small Russian mobile development studio called Veles Games. Their goal is to create games that are easy to play but require a lot of skills.

How To Play

The target of Rebel Thumb is to shoot as many targets as possible while they come towards you from either the bottom or top of your screen.

The more targets you manage to hit before they pass by, the higher your score will be and the more stars or coins you get to take with you to your next level.

To shoot a star at the target, you have to move your thumb across the screen in the direction it is coming towards. Two hand gestures are necessary for you to play this game. One of them is throwing stars, and another one is controlling your character.

The aim of shooting ninja stars or projectiles at targets is to gain high scores. Higher scores let you move to more challenging levels and higher ranks, which enable you to unlock new characters or skins for your current character.

You can also earn many coins and stars by completing different missions that pop up as time goes by. The tasks range from shooting a certain number of targets with ninja, warriors, or princesses to throwing a certain number of stars in brush and more.

Levels Of Difficulty

Rebel Thumb offers three levels of difficulty to choose from, including easy, medium, and challenging. Each level is harder than the previous one as it has a higher number of targets that come towards you faster. As such, harder levels require excellent skills and concentration.

The game is easy to pick up as a beginner, but it requires excellent hand-eye coordination to play the higher levels without missing targets.

This is because targets will come towards you faster, and there will be more of them, making it hard for you to hit them on time.


How many levels does the game have?

There are currently 25 different levels you can play. However, this number is growing as more and more updates get installed on your mobile device.

What is Rebel Thumb about?

This game is a skill-based mobile first-person, throw, and hit game. You play as different characters with unique movements, which can be manipulated using your thumb to catch stars (ninjas) or projectiles (warriors).

How many characters are there?

There are currently five playable characters in the game, including ninja, warrior, princess, and two secret ones. There is also a 6th character that can be unlocked if you achieve first place in the leaderboard. Note: This game uses third-party resources (like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) to collect achievements and high scores.

How often do you get new characters?

You always have access to new characters by completing missions that pop up on your screen. When you complete a task, the game rewards you with coins and a character skin you can use to change your current character.


We hope you will have great experiences when playing the game at Frongames. Downloading and installing is easy with just a few clicks! So what are you waiting for? Download rebel thumb today to start having fun.