Free Online Real Freekick 3D - How To Play Real Freekick 3D Like Pro

Real Freekick 3D

Free Online Real Freekick 3D - How To Play Real Freekick 3D Like Pro Click to play
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Have you ever tried to take a free kick in soccer? It’s more challenging than it looks, but with the new “Real Freekick 3D” game from Soccer Shot, we can now have all the fun and challenge of taking a free kick without any of the pain.

Our games are designed for players who want to improve their technique and enjoy playing soccer. We also offer professional-level coaching for those looking for personalized training. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, come on out!

What separates us from other soccer camps is that our focus isn’t just on skills like dribbling and shooting. Besides developing your technical skills, we’ll also work on improving your mental toughness so that you can play confidently under pressure.

About Real Freekick 3D Game

Real Freekick 3D is a football (soccer) game that allows players to practice their free-kick technique. The goalkeeper moves automatically, so the player must choose apparent power to aim at the right place.

  • The Player can choose the direction of kicking, the force of kicking, and the ball’s spin.
  • You can also hit the crossbar, and if you hit it, the player is awarded ten bonus points.
  • The game also allows players to share their scores and achievements on social media.


Real Freekick 3D Game is available on web browsers, the app store, and the Play Store.


The Player uses arrow keys to select direction, force, and spin.


The real Freekick 3D game was developed by Nike Inc. for the web browser on January 25th, in the year 2014, and two years later, the app version was available On Google Play Store On April 10th of 2016.

How To Play Real Freekick 3D Like Pro

To become a pro player, you need to practice.

The game features two options: Score Mode and Training.

Score mode is the only option for players to compete with other real players online. The scores that users achieve will be saved in the leaderboard to watch how much they scored compared to other users of the game.

Training Mode is designed for users to practice their free kick skills.

You can select one of the five training levels to practice your kicking technique. Higher-level means more complicated free-kick, and higher score you get when you finally mastered it.

Levels Of Difficulty

Freekick 1

This level is for a beginner. You will only need to use the left arrow key to kick the ball. The distance between you and the goalkeeper is minor, so it’s easy to score with a high-power shot.

Freekick 2 (Beginner)

In this level, the player has to use two arrows keys – up and left. Distance between the ball and the goalkeeper is longer, but still easy to score a goal.

Freekick 3 (Intermediate)

In this level, the player will need to use up-left-right arrows keys. The distance between you and the goalkeeper becomes more prominent than before, so it’s harder to kick very hard.

Freekick 4 (Advanced)

This level is the most difficult because you will have to use up-left-right arrow keys while standing very close to the goalkeeper. After kicking, the distance between your foot and the ball is minimal, so it’s hard to hit the ball with high power. It would help if you had many attempts to reach the goal.

Freekick 5 (Expert)

This level is the hardest one. The free-kick field becomes very narrow, and you have to use up-left-right arrows keys while standing in front of the goalkeeper. It would help if you had many attempts to score a goal, but after a few tries, you will get used to it.


If you want a game that stimulates your brain and tests your reflexes, then real freekick 3d is a perfect choice.

The graphics are modern and crisp, with more than ten levels of difficulty to choose from. You’ll also be able to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect.

Frongames has been around for years, developing innovative games for everyone in all age groups. Whether it’s just for fun or challenging enough to make you angry, there’s always an option available at frongames! Have some time? Download Real Freekick 3D here!