Free Online Railway Story - How To Play Railway Story Like Pro

Railway Story

Free Online Railway Story - How To Play Railway Story Like Pro Click to play
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Do you like to play games? Railway Story game is a fun and engaging game that will keep you entertained for hours. From the makers of the famous Thumb’s Up!

This new release has been all over social media, with users posting their high scores across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. With easy-to-learn rules and an immersive story arc, it’s no wonder why people are so excited about this new app. If you haven’t tried Railway Story yet, download it today!

About Railway Story Game

This Online Railway Story Game is a browser android game available in the Google Play Store for free of cost, and it can be installed on any Mobile device with an OS Android 4.1 or above. Playing this game will give you entertainment, relaxation, and an opportunity to pass your leisure time.

You can enjoy gameplay by doing specific tasks like collecting stuff, etc. This game is specially designed for people of all ages, especially kids and teens.


1. This is an online game, and you can play it online too. You don’t need to download anything separately, but if you want, then you can also download this game on your mobile device without any problem.

2. It has simple controls, and anyone can easily use them. The control system of the game is straightforward to learn.

3. It uses high-end 3D graphics and is a beautiful game.

4. It has 100 levels in which if you win, there will be more levels of this game for you to play on. At each level, you have to achieve specific goals like collecting different stuff, etc. There are also unlimited levels, so you can continue playing until your try.

5. It has a save feature, and if you don’t want to continue the game, then in that case, at any time, you can resume your gameplay from where you left it off.

6. It provides system notifications and facebook options for easy sharing with your friends/others on social media.

7. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements in the game and don’t worry, there is no need either because this game is free to play and offers hours of fun gameplay.


This section provides complete information about controls for the game, including the procedure to play, how to win, etc.

On Home Screen

On the home screen, you have the option of the Play Game or Exit button to play a different game, and there is no need to complete any tasks before playing this game. If you want to play another game, click on the button above, and if you don’t want to change from the current round, just play it from the home screen itself.

To control this game, you can use your mouse or keyboard, which is more convenient because keyboards sometimes get stuck in mobile devices, and sometimes buttons don’t work. So to solve this problem, you can easily use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your character because it’s faster and easier than a mobile device.

On the home screen, you have the option of Share Game to share this game with your friends on social media, and there is no need to download anything separately.

On Playing Screen

When you start playing this Railway Story Game for the first time, then play it carefully because if something happens while you are playing, you will lose all your lives.

On the playing screen, you have three options Start, Pause and Play Again. If any action from the player is not recognized for around 10 seconds, then automatically, the Player Character will be moved towards food (Purple Circle).

Once the character reaches the food, it plays a sound, and if there are enemies on the path, it will take one damage (Red Circle).

When an enemy blocks the character’s path, it automatically does that action and moves in a random direction.

Click on the Play Again button, to begin with, the current level again, or click on the Pause button to stop playing but keep this game open for later resuming.

There are 100 levels in this game, and each level has different goals and obstacles. If you complete the purpose of a particular group, you will be promoted to the following levels, and if there is some other obstacle or enemy on your way, then there would be a lot of time needed to finish that task.


This section provides information about the developer of this Railway Story Game, which includes names, email addresses, website links, etc.

  • Developer Name: Abhishek Bagaria
  • Email Address:

How To Play

There is a simple procedure for playing this game, and it will also help you explain how you can win each level.

  • Click on the button Play Game or select Play from the Home screen, to begin with, the current level, and your character will be ready for action.
  • Your job is to save yourself from danger in various forms like enemies, traps, etc., so carefully plan your moves to achieve the goal of each level. The mouse is the best option to play this game because it’s faster and easier to control different actions during gameplay.
  • The current level ends when you complete the goal, or you lose all your lives.

Level Of Difficulty

There are two levels of difficulty in this game, ranging from Easy to Hard and according to your skills. If you want to play a game like Subway Surfers, then use the options Easy or Normal, otherwise select Hard for playing a more advanced obstacle course.


This section provides answers to all common questions about Railway Story Game. If you need any additional information, contact the developer using the Email Address mentioned above in the Developer section.

How many levels are there in this game?

There are 100 levels in this game, and each group has a different set of obstacles, enemies, goals to accomplish, etc. And there is no way to skip any level, but you can choose any level as per your current skills.

How many lives do I get?

Initially, you will get three lives, and after every 15 points, you can earn one life back. Now your whole lives are 4. There is no other method to get more lives in this game, so be careful while playing because one wrong step will make you lose a life, and too many bad moves mean that all your lives are lost.

Why is my character not moving?

There might be three reasons for this problem:

First, you need to enable your JavaScript in a web browser and make sure that it is turned on.

Second, check for whether pop-up windows are allowed, or any other third-party add-on is running, which will be using pop-ups as well.

Third, check if the firewall is on, which might be blocking the connection between your computer and the Railway Story Game server.

How do I pause or resume playing?

You can either click on the Pause menu button to pause or close the Browser button to stop playing but keep this game open for later resuming.


This article has provided you with a brief introduction to the railway story game, including its release date and gameplay.

If this post piques your interest in learning more about the Railway Story Game or playing it yourself, don’t hesitate! Download the app from either iTunes or Google Play today for free.

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