Free Online Puzzle Bobo - How To Play Puzzle Bobo Like Pro

Puzzle Bobo

Free Online Puzzle Bobo - How To Play Puzzle Bobo Like Pro Click to play
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Do you have a lot of free time on your hands? If so, then this blog post is for you! This article will outline everything you need to know about puzzle bobo and how to play it.

Puzzle Bobo is an online game that can be played anywhere. There’s no need to download anything or install any software because it’s all done in a web browser. The game starts off challenging, but the puzzles get more complicated and fun as players advance through levels.

No two games are ever the same, which makes it addictive to solve one puzzle after another! Puzzle Bobo is explicitly designed for people who want something lighthearted with minimal stress involved – perfect for those days when you want to relax before bedtime or during lunch break at work!

About Puzzle Bobo

Puzzle Bobo is a fan-favorite since its launch in 1999 for players who want to enjoy solving the puzzle game.

Summon your memory and patience as you try to solve number-based puzzles on each level. Analyze every detail carefully, or else you might not be able to proceed to the next stage. To add challenge, you will need to finish the level in a limited number of steps.

Even if you feel like giving up, believe that you can do it and enjoy solving stages step by step. Puzzle Bobo is all about enjoying every little detail of the game.

It’s not just your ordinary puzzle game. What about challenging yourself first before you start playing this game?


The developer of Puzzle Bobo is Playrix Entertainment, which was founded in the year 1994 and focuses on developing puzzle games. From classic board games to new free online apps such as Mahjong Escape, players will surely enjoy every detail from these developers. Their motto is “Playrix – Fun for All!“.

Technical details

The app can be downloaded for free. However, it offers in-app purchases. The language of the game is English, while the minimum system requirement is Android 2.3+. It consists of 13 levels and 44 missions that will surely keep you entertained and challenging at the same time.

How To Play

Check out these features when playing Puzzle Bobo:

1. Use your arrow keys to guide your character to the exit tile without stepping on a monster’s tile or hitting any obstacles along the way.

2. You can go back one step and try again if you happen to land on an enemy’s tile, but be careful in choosing which tile to land on. Keep in mind that you can’t go back more than once.

3. Some tiles contain a question mark, which will reveal prizes when picked up. A blue key can free your character from icy blocks, and a red key is used for opening locked doors.

4. Be sure to collect the stars that are hidden in some tiles.

5. Check the map to see your route and preview the next level.

6. You can purchase additional keys if you happen to run out of them while solving the puzzles on each level

7. If you’re stuck, try jumping over a question mark tile or carefully walk over it again to see what’s hiding under it.

8. Be careful not to land on the monster’s tile, which will result in getting eaten and failing the level.

9. Don’t worry if you happen to get stuck in a level for some time because there are unlimited tries for every stage!

10. Enjoy your stay in the world of Puzzle Bobo!


When you’re looking for a way to wind down and have some fun, puzzle bobo is the perfect game. The best part about this app is that it constantly changes, so there will never be any boredom or repetitive gameplay.

You can also play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect! Fill your free time with puzzles today by downloading puzzle Bobbo here. From games brings back the best games to relax from all over the world!