Free Online Push The Red Button - How To Play Push The Red Button Like Pro

Push The Red Button

Free Online Push The Red Button - How To Play Push The Red Button Like Pro Click to play
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Pushing the red button is a fun way to learn about how your body works. This game will allow you to do just that!

One of the most complex parts about playing this game is making sure not to push the green button, ending your turn, and revealing the answer. You can play with friends or family members for added fun and try it out for yourself today!

You’re at a party, and someone tells you to push the red button. You do it, and something happens! That’s what this game is all about. Click on one of the three buttons below to start playing.

Each time you click on one of them, there will be an animation that goes off with some other sound effects for good measure. You can’t win or lose in this game because it doesn’t have any end goal (or beginning goal).

It’s just for fun! The idea for this game came from my imagination as I was trying to find something creative to do with these buttons lying around near me so they didn’t take up space but could still serve a purpose.

About Push The Red Button Game

Push The Red Button is an online game. The player takes the role of a small square pushed in the desired direction by the mouse.

One prevailing obstacle exists a big red button in your way. Because it’s impossible to go around the button, you must push through it and jump over it if you want to succeed.


To move your character, all you need to do is a point and click. Users familiar with the red button game will notice that the mouse cursor changes into a crosshair shape over the square character, which makes it easier for them to jump and avoid obstacles.

Users will also enjoy a colorful animation composed of various shapes, which makes the overall experience more engaging.


Gameloft is an international game developer with headquarters in Paris, France. The company’s main products include mobile games for smartphones that operate on both Android and iOS platforms.

Gameloft creates original content as well as content-based on licensed intellectual property from major entertainment companies.

Michel Guillemot founded the company in 1999, and since then, it has expanded to employ more than 5,000 people across 18 countries worldwide.

Among other games produced by Gameloft are Asphalt, Brothers In Arms, Dungeon Hunter, Gangstar, and Shoot N’ Glory.

How To Play Push The Red Button Like Pro

The objective of this game is to get your character safely through all green gates, then over the red button. Each gate is followed by a new puzzle and obstacle that can only be overcome with precise timing and logic.

Levels Of Difficulty

There are three difficulty levels in this game: Easy (green), Medium (blue), and Hard (red). Inaccessible mode, your character can push around the green gates. Medium and hard methods add one or more red buttons to complicate matters.

This game intends to encourage viewers to think logically to solve each puzzle’s challenge. However, if you want some help with a challenging level, you can check out our Push The Red Button walkthrough guide.


Push the Red Button is a great game to play with friends and family. With constantly evolving levels, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in one spot for too long.

You can also connect your Facebook account so that it’s possible to compete against any of your friends on the same device or online when they are playing at their computer. We hope you enjoy this review and download our app today!