Free Online Pumpkin Smasher Game - How To Play Pumpkin Smasher Game Like Pro

Pumpkin Smasher Game

Free Online Pumpkin Smasher Game - How To Play Pumpkin Smasher Game Like Pro Click to play
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Are you ready for a smashing good time? This Halloween, get ready to take on the role of a pumpkin smasher in this easy-to-play game that will have you coming back for more! Get your groove on as you smash pumpkins and earn points. With each level, the pumpkins become faster and harder to hit! The game is so addictive that it will be hard to stop playing once you start! What are you waiting for? Let’s try Pumpkin Smasher at Frongames with your friends now.

Free Online Pumpkin Smasher Game – How To Play Pumpkin Smasher Game Like Pro

1. Look at the screen and try to memorize each pumpkin’s movement pattern.

2. Move your mouse in a slight up-and-down motion, smashing as many pumpkins as possible within the time limit given for each level.

3. Try to collect the power-ups and cash by smashing them on your way.

4. Check out how many pumpkins you have smashed in a level and see if you can achieve three stars for the levels!


1. Free flash games to play and no downloads to install!

2. Cool graphics, sound effects, and animation will make Pumpkin Smasher look stunning on your browser!

3. Easy game control, suitable for all ages. No complicated rules or complex controls to learn – click and smash! It’s so easy to learn and play that everybody can immediately start playing it.

4. Free online flash games, no signup needed so that you can enjoy the game with your family or friends!

5. Fresh & detailed graphics, smooth animation, and fantastic visual effects are all designed for maximum user experience – if you like Pumpkin Smasher, please share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.


Pumpkin Smasher Game provides you with a total experience. You can experience this game on your browser because it is a flash game. Have fun playing Pumpkin Smasher online right now! Hit the like button and comment to let us know what you think about this game.

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