Free Online Pudding Land - How To Play Pudding Land Like Pro

Pudding Land

Free Online Pudding Land - How To Play Pudding Land Like Pro Click to play
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Pudding Land Game is a board game for children. The game’s goal is to be the first player to visit all four destinations on their board. Along the way, players will have fun collecting pudding cups and cards to help them get ahead in the game. It’s easy to learn and play!

Pudding Land Game is an engaging and interactive experience for any child who enjoys playing games with friends or family members.

This new product by Milton Bradley Company has been well-received by kids around the globe, even winning awards from Toys “R” Us as one of this year’s top toys. We invite you to purchase your own Pudding Land Game today!

About Pudding Land Game

The Pudding Land game is a very addictive excellent little flash game. This game has a simple objective: to rescue the pudding and the cake from an evil troll who stole them.

The player controls a character with a mouse or keyboard in this puzzle-platformer video game. When you start the level, there will be a considerable lot of room, save the pudding and cake, avoid the obstacles in the way. You can play Pudding Land here online for free.


  • Platformer video game genre;
  • The player controls a person with a mouse or keyboard to move forward, and sidestep down; in this puzzle-platformer video game;
  • You need to rescue the pudding and also the cake from an evil troll who stole them;
  • The player can save the pudding by touching it. You will get the extra point, but keep the cake is not an easy task. You have to avoid obstacles in the way and find a particular item to open some door which leads to the cake;
  • There are ten different levels, every level you need to gain full stars to complete it.


Mouse control or keyboard control is used to move forward, and side steps down, Z key will jump. Save Pudding touch it, but save Cakes is not an easy task as you have to avoid obstacles and find a particular item to unlock some door leading to the cake.

How To Play

You can play Pudding Land for free online here, and it also has a good number of players who already played this platformer game. It would help if you had the skill and strategy to complete the level within the time limit. But you will get additional 1-3 stars if you finished it in less time limit.

Here are some tips for your reference:

  • As you start the level, there will be a considerable lot of room to explore. It would help if you found a secret path at every level which leads you directly to save cake or pudding. If you found it, then there is no chance for a troll to catch your character;
  • In some states, there are hidden items that help you avoid obstacles and troll in a faster way. Think wisely and use your item at the right time to save pudding or cake;
  • You will find ten different levels, every level you need to gain full stars to complete it.

Level Of Difficulty

Pudding Land is a straightforward game, but it has a high level of difficulty. This game will be completed when you gain full stars on every level.

So if you want to master this puzzle-platformer video game, you have to pay more attention to avoid obstacles and search for a hidden item at every stage.

It can be not easy sometimes to get three stars for every level. For example, Level 1 is easy, level 2 is not so difficult, but when you try levels 3 and 4, it may require more time to complete it. So think wisely to choose your move at every stage.


Pudding Land is an addicting, competitive game that will have you constantly coming back for more. The graphics are adorable, and the gameplay has a lot to offer.

You can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, which makes it super easy to keep track of who’s winning at any given time. It’s hard not to love pudding! If this sounds like something your kids would enjoy, too, be sure to download it now for free!